DADA ROOM: The Best Way To Rent A Room In Latin America

One of the biggest hurdles of living in Latin America is finding good accommodation.

Most travellers opt for Airbnb - after all, it's one of the most convenient ways to find a short/long term rental in almost any Central or South American city, and its terms and services protect both owner and tenant from any unexpected issues that may arise.

But, unfortunately, it's not the cheapest option. Airbnb rentals are usually...

Why The F**K Hasn't Maduro Been Overthrown Yet?

It's July of 2017.

Thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest President Maduro's increasingly oppressive rule and general incompetence. Mass inflation, food shortages and violent crime have seen the leader's approval rating plummet to about 20%.

Clearly, most Venezuelans think it's time for a regime change.

But how is it that - in a country that has been suffering so long, with many angry, gun-owning citizens - Maduro is able to hold on to power?

My Latin Life's Minimalist Packing Guide To Latin America

Hey there gang!

I've got some time, so I thought I'd put together a fun little post outlining some of the items I pack to go to Latin America. 

Around 2012/2013 I threw out, sold or donated most of my stuff. Since then I've adopted somewhat of a minimalist lifestyle. I'd say about 90% of what I own, I travel with. The other 10% stays in storage in Canada, and consists mostly of things that hold sentimental value.

These days, instead of buying more things, I just replace the things that I already have when they break or break down. I'm conscious of never unnecessarily increasing my personal belongings.

I'm happier this way.

For this reason...

How To Start An E-Commerce Business In Latin America

If you want to reside in Latin America, you'll need to find a way to make money.

The vast majority of foreigners down here will make their living doing one of the following things:

1) Teaching English

2) Working for a multinational corporation

3) Freelancing from their computers

It makes sense. These are the only immediately apparent options for expats south of the border who aren't citizens of their adopted country. 

But unfortunately, these aren't always ideal work situations.

So, what do you do if you want make money in Central or South America as a foreigner, but aren't interested in any of the above options?

Why Becoming A Digital Nomad Was A Bad Idea

I've been doing some thinking.

More like some re-thinking.

I'm not sure this digital nomad thing is for me.

You see, it was never my intention to work from the Internet without a permanent residence. But after...

Lima vs. Quito: A South American Showdown

Hola, mi gente!

Today is another city-comparison post. In this instalment, I'll be helping you decide if you should travel to Lima ("The City Of Kings") or Quito ("The Light of America").

Here are the others in case you missed 'em...

Bogota vs. Lima: Where Should You Travel?

Today, we'll be comparing Bogota with Lima. I'm going to help you figure out which city is better suited to your needs, tastes and desires.

I'll be using my tried and true breakdown of the following things a man looks for in a city...

A Review Of Red Pill Orgasm

As much as I try to forget, the first time I had sex will always be burned in my memory.

It was around a decade ago. I was in high school (late bloomer) and I got a summer job working on a corn farm. I'd wake up at the crack of dawn, harvest corn until noon and then deliver it to various produce stands around the city.

Mikaela worked at one of these stands. She was a year older than me and went to the high school across town. About 5'7", long blonde hair and brown eyes. Thin as a twig but somehow was blessed with an ass that disobeyed gravity...