The Best YouTube Videos About Latin America

Hey folks,

As a diehard Latin America enthusiast, I've spent countless hours digging through YouTube looking for some decent content on the region.

It's surprisingly hard to find anything good - most of the vids are either female vloggers, generic BuzzFeed-type videos that aren't informative or boring university lectures.

But over the years I've found some gems, and I'm happy to share those with you today. Whether you're interesting in travelling, working or studying in Central or South America, these videos should give you a better idea of what things are like down here.

The Complete Guide To Dating & Meeting Women In Latin America

Vance here!

I've been wanting to write a guide to dating and meeting women in Latin America for awhile now. But something's always held me back.

What could I say that hasn't already been said?

Sex and dating are two of the most discussed subjects on the Internet, particularly on Manosphere and PUA blogs. While I love to talk about women as much as the next guy, I've tried to keep them on the periphery of my writing. I want My Latin Life to be an information resource for travellers and digital nomads as opposed to a journal of my sexual exploits south of the border.

Also, I'm not an expert with women.

Sure, I've had...

Is Lima, Peru A Good Place To Live?

Hello again!

I've been in Lima for nearly two months now and I've finally got a feel for what it's like to live here. So, I thought it prudent to do a post for any nomadic travellers that are scoping out a new city.

As regular readers know, Lima is not my favourite city in Latin America. But it's starting to grow on me...slightly. Enough so that I've decided to stay until June (I was considering jetting off to Colombia instead after my first month here).

I'm still not head over heels for it, but I've come to understand its appeal a bit better.

So, is Lima, Peru a good place to live? Let's talk about it.

Mexico City vs. Bogota: Where Should You Live?

I've just finished living in Mexico City. Now I'm living in Lima.

As I've noted in a recent post, Lima isn't quite living up to my expectations. I've decided to stick it out here for awhile. It's not bad and I'm enjoying myself, but it's not a place I see myself living semi-permanently.

As such, my mind has already been wandering. I'm thinking about my next destination.

Sometime within the next two years, I'd like to choose a city to spend the bulk of my time in. 

Right now it looks like it'll be Mexico or Colombia.

Bogota is a city that I've been thinking more about recently...

The Best Cities To Live In Latin America In 2017

Times have changed. Latin America has changed. I've changed.

Cities in Central and South America have a tendency to go through ebbs and flows. A great city to live in today might not be a great one tomorrow.

Take Medellin for instance. In the early 2000s, this was the place to live in Latin America. If you were brave enough to venture down to recently drug-war torn Colombia, as one of the few foreigners, beautiful women would be throwing themselves at you as you enjoyed an incredibly low cost of living and year-round spring temperatures.

And then word got out.

Latin American Cupid: Should You Buy It?

When it comes to online dating in Latin America, there really aren't too many options.

Many dating apps that are gaining popularity in the United States (Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Bumble) haven't made there way down here yet. Who knows if they ever will.

For men wanting to meet women online in Latin America, that leaves two main services: Tinder and Latin American Cupid.

I'm assuming most of the people reading this have heard of Tinder, or perhaps even used it. 

Less of you have heard of Latin American Cupid.

But, since my blog focuses predominantly on women and Latin America, a review of a dating app that involves both is something my readers ought to know. So, here is my in-depth review of Latin American Cupid.

Where In Mexico Should You Live?

I was 14 years old.

My first taste of Mexico.

It was a family trip to a beach resort in Cabo San Lucas, a common vacation for middle class Canadians. A few days after arriving, we decided to leave the all-inclusive and take a bus into town.

I'll never forget that day. Dusty roads, the smell of fresh laundry drying in the sun, the crow of roosters, little Mexican schoolgirls in white shirts and black skirts...

I was enamoured by it all. 

It was at that moment, that first bus ride into a Mexican town, that I knew.

I will live in a place like this one day.

Lima, Peru: First Impressions, A Few Doubts

As those of you that read my last post will know, I'm now in Lima.

Well, I've been here almost two weeks now and to be honest I'm having a few doubts as to whether or not I made the right choice.

"First Impressions" isn't quite an accurate title - this is actually my third time visiting Lima - but the other two stints I did here were short, and I was mostly focused on eating ceviche, getting smashed on pisco and trying to get pussy (noble pursuits, I know). I stuck exclusively to two neighbourhoods, Barranco and Miraflores, and didn't even really take the time to do currency conversions to determine what anything costs. In short, I really just skimmed the surface.

But now that I've got a bit of a feel for the place, I'm beginning to wonder if I really want to commit to several months here. Perhaps my two previous times here on 'vacation mode' have given me an inflated impression of how good Lima is.

Here's why.