What Are The Best Cities In Colombia For Meeting Girls?




And maybe ladies too (if so, I'm deeply sorry for some of the things I've said...) I'm here to break down the best cities for meeting girls in Colombia, one of my favourite Latin America nations.


Much of this information is already covered in my Colombia City Guides, but it takes some time to make the comparisons for yourself. This makes things easier.


So read on. Especially if you think Medellin is still the best city for meeting girls in Colombia...






Yes *jaw drop* the city of Medellin ranks no higher than 5th on my list. Why? Simply because it has been played out. 15 years ago, Medellin would have had the uncontested first spot as the best city for meeting girls in Colombia. Tourists were few and girls were curious. However, since then it has been saddled with gringos and a reputation as a sex tourist destination (although perhaps not as serious of one as Cartegena). This means that, not only will you have zero novelty as a tourist, you will have to prove that you are not just visiting the city for sex (which may or may not be true, depends on the reader!). But this doesn't change the fact that the girls are amazingly attractive in Medellin. Style is a bit odd though..expect lots of fanny packs and bright-coloured tight pants.




*Another jaw drop.* 

I know, you probably think it's generous - if not entirely misguided - to name Manizales as the 4th best place for meeting girls in Colombia when many people have scarcely heard of it. But this very thing will play heavily to your advantage. A quick Wikipedia search will alert you of the fact that there are heaps of universities here and heaps of young people. What there isn't, is heaps of tourists. However, one caveat: if you don't have at least basic Spanish, give it a miss. The English isn't so sharp here. Also, while the gals are sweet, they're not quite as pretty as in many parts of the country.




First thing's first: you need to know some Spanish if you want to come here. If you haven't smashed Pimsleur's language lessons, stick to Bogota, Medellin and Cartegena. BUT, if you can defend yourself in the idiom, this is a very good place for a man to chill out for awhile and meet some Colombian girls. I've ranked Barranquilla third because the ladies here are cool and down to earth. While it might not be the easiest city for hooking up in Colombia, it is definitely one of the best for meeting and forming a good connection with a Colombian girl...before hooking up with her later on ;).




I love Pereira. Don't get me wrong, the city itself is ugly as sin and there's really nothing to do during the day besides go to the mall, but the girls make up for it. Again, a little Spanish will take you a long way here. If you don't speak any, you might find it difficult. But, by all accounts, it's easy to hook up and a good city for meeting girls in Colombia. And although I wasn't really up for the style (I only know how to describe it as barrio), the girls here are good looking.


Also, learn how to dance if you're going to come here.




Congrats, Cali. You take the crown. Girls here are less stuck up than Medellin, less cold than Bogota, and more or less as attractive as the latter. Enough girls here know English that you can get by - your time would be better spend learning how to dance. A few young women even live alone or with roommates, although by no means are they in the majority. And last, and arguably most importantly, it's easy to hook up with a girl here. I can say, with enough confidence to be confident, that Cali is the best city for meeting girls in Colombia.


...and a quick shout out to Bogota. Didn't quite make the cut, but still worth a visit.


P.S. If you prefer to meet women online, Colombian Cupid has stepped up its game ALOT in the past 2 years. If you already have an account with them, you'll know what I'm talking about 😉.






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