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Where can I find the city guides?

Each country's page has a list of major cities. Click on the city you are curious about and you will be taken to the guide.


Have you really visited all the cities and countries listed on My Latin Life?

There are about 80 cities that span 16 countries listed on the website. In order to provide a well-rounded outline, I would need to spend a minimum of 4 weeks in each city. That would be 7 years of my life. So no, I haven't visited every city, but I have spent extended periods in a great number of them. For every city I haven't had the pleasure of visiting, I'm fortunate enough to know someone who has, and I employ their services.

More on that in the next question.


Who writes the guides for cities you haven't been to?

I know a few globetrotters and enthusiasts of Latin American who have generously provided city guides for all of the places I have not been, or have only spent a very limited amount of time in. For these guides, I serve as an editor to keep the tone of each guide consistent, and as a fact checker to make sure the information is up to date and accurate. If you notice any misinformation or anything outdated in a guide, please notify me here.  If your information is accurate, I will credit you with the information/correction(s) and provide a link to your blog or website.


Can I submit a city guide?

Absolutely! You can submit a guide and your information on the contact page. Try to keep the format somewhat consistent with the format used on the site (explained below). After ensuring its accuracy, I will add the guide and give you full credit for your work by:

1) Linking your blog/website

2) Putting your name or web handle to introduce the guide (i.e. My Latin Life's guide to Havana, Cuba)

3) If your site is similar in nature to My Latin Life (travel, dating, lifestyle), and it's a damn good site, I will write a feature about it in a blog post.


Will you be adding more city guides?

Always. I'm always scouting more Latin American cities, so stay tuned! You can also submit a guide of your own, as noted above.


What is the purpose of your city guides?

My goal is to provide a brief introduction to all major Latin American cities, and how best to experience them as a tourist. Don't take this site to be an absolute authority on Latin American cities; all of the non-numerical information is largely subjective. A good bar or attractive woman may not mean the same thing to me or the writer of the guide as it does to you. Use the guides as a rule of thumb, not to plan your next vacation.


I think your city guides are terrible, unhelpful and entirely inaccurate. How can I best express my feelings?

You're welcome to berate me and my fellow contributors in the comment section of the blog, but it would be more constructive for everyone if you voiced your distaste on the contact page. I'm constantly updating the city guides to the best of my ability to improve accuracy, but it's impossible to do this without the help of others. By no means do I consider myself an expert. If you'd like to see improvements...make suggestions! Become part of the co-op. The aim is to have a database of useful guides, and the feedback we get on each city from viewers is the only way to achieve this end.



*All prices listed on the city guides are in USD

*Pictures are all from the Internet


OVERVIEW: A short, wikipedia-style introduction to the city. Includes things like location, history and interesting facts.

POPULATION: How many people live in the city proper. Allow for a slight margin of error.

WEATHER: Includes the climate classification and a temperature range.

SAFETY: Explains whether or not the city is safe for tourists.

MUST DO: Names one thing that every tourist should see or do in the city.

RENT/MONTH (1BR IN CITY CENTRE): Gives the price of a month's rent in the city. All prices listed here represent good value and are cheaper than what will be listed on sites like Airbnb. It is always possible to pay more. The point here is to show you a price closer to what the locals pay, and what you are able to get if you take the time to look.

HOSTEL DORM BED/NIGHT: The typical price for a dorm bed in the city.

NIGHTLIFE RATING: A rating of the city's bar and club scene. Takes into consideration things like logistics, music, prices, girls, crowds and libations.

BOTTLE OF BEER: Price of a bottle of beer in a bar or restaurant. Obviously will vary depending on the quality of the establishment you are going to, but the prices in the city should, for the most part, always be within a dollar or two of this listed price.

CHANCE OF HOOKING-UP: To put it simply, refers to the chance you have of taking a girl home. This will always depend on a variety of factors, so take the rating with a grain of sand. Assume the rating here is based off of an average-looking white male with basic Spanish skills who is spending one week or more in the city.

ATTRACTIVENESS OF WOMEN: How pretty the girls are. It's a rating out of ten...I know, how cliche. Again, this will vary depending on your taste, but the rating here is based off fairly universal standards of beauty.

GROCERIES: The cost of common groceries in the city, like milk, eggs, bread, water and cigarettes.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES: Whether or not there are opportunities to work in the city. If there are, the guide will say what they are.

TAXI: The cost of taking a cab a short distance in the city.

NOTES: Final comments about the city. Whether it is better for a short stay or longer stay, and more information on why it is good or not etc.

OVERALL RATING: A rating out of 10 for the city. Takes into consideration everything listed above, as well as any other factors that make a city enjoyable or unenjoyable for a tourist or expat.



 Here is an example of what a country overview looks like:

CAPITAL CITY: The capital city of the country.

POPULATION:  The population of the country.

SIZE: The size of the country in relation to other countries in Latin America (i.e. 5th largest country in Latin America)

DEMOGRAPHICS: The racial makeup of the country

AGE OF CONSENT: The age where a person is considered legally competent to perform sexual acts.

CALLING CODE: The extension you must dial to call someone in the country.

GDP PER CAPITA: The gross domestic product divided by the number of people in the country. A lower GDP generally indicates a lower standard of living. 

LIFE EXPECTANCY: The average lifespan of a person in the country.

DATING PROSPECTSHow open the locals are to dating/hooking-up with a foreigner.

QUALITY OF WOMEN: Attractiveness of the women in the country.

EXPECT TO SPEND: What you should budget a month. The figures listed reflect the minimum of what you can live off of as an expat in these countries.

MY LATIN LIFE RANKING: The overall ranking of the country in terms of women, standard of life, nightlife, cultural attractions, value, infrastructure, weather, safety etc. Basically, based off of the factors listed in the city guides. The country ranked first is the one we feel offers the best all-around experience for a traveller.


Any questions? Contact me.