Which Cities In Latin America Have Uber?

One of the biggest hazards of living in Central and South America is taking taxis. 

Many cabs in this part of the world are unmetered and unlicensed, meaning that the drivers regularly rip-off their customers.

And foreigners are a prime target.

Best worst-case scenario you lose a few bucks. Worst worst-case scenario, you become the victim of an express kidnapping.

Luckily, many Latin American cities (98 cities, to be exact) have welcomed UBER...

My Latin Life's Minimalist Packing Guide To Latin America

Hey there gang!

I've got some time, so I thought I'd put together a fun little post outlining some of the items I pack to go to Latin America. 

Around 2012/2013 I threw out, sold or donated most of my stuff. Since then I've adopted somewhat of a minimalist lifestyle. I'd say about 90% of what I own, I travel with. The other 10% stays in storage in Canada, and consists mostly of things that hold sentimental value.

These days, instead of buying more things, I just replace the things that I already have when they break or break down. I'm conscious of never unnecessarily increasing my personal belongings.

I'm happier this way.

For this reason...

My Latin Life's 10 Most Popular City Guides


Another quick one today.

Here are the most-viewed cities on My Latin Life. Since my city guides aren't SEO'ed, these results should be more or less organic. Number one gets 1,500 views a month, and number 10 gets 600 views a month.

This should give you an idea of what destinations are popular among Latin American enthusiasts

The Best Instagram Accounts From Paraguay

Welcome, my friends!

Today, we'll be going over the best Instagram accounts from Paraguay.

Why so many Instagram posts lately?

Well, I'll tell ya why!

My Latin Life's Guide To E-Commerce In Latin America

My latest of many money-making schemes has been in the world of e-commerce. 

I started playing around with it during my last trip to Peru. Appeared the country was ripe for it. Its economy was growing rapidly, and I certainly noticed people with disposal income in Lima, but there was a lack of cool shit to buy - many of the big chain American stores that I saw in Mexico that offered impossibly cheap goods hadn't made their way down, and I knew that import laws were pretty lax compared to countries like Argentina or Ecuador, and manufacturing costs were lower than countries like Chile or Brazil...

Adventures in Latin American E-Commerce: War With Ecuador

***UPDATE: I've since moved on from the business, but if you have any questions I'm still happy to answer them!

If you don't know what I've been doing, I'll get you up to speed.

Last year, I started a small business with a partner in Peru. It's in the women's clothing industry. We sell our products through two primary outlets: an online store and consignment.

It's going well and getting better each day - we're now at the point where the brand can cover all of our expenses living in Lima...

My Favorite Instagram Accounts From Mexico

Hey ya'll.

I decided to pump out another Instagram article. This one covers the best Instagram accounts in Mexico.

There's a good chance you haven't heard of any of these - some are rather obscure.

Hope you enjoy!

Three Types Of Brazilian Women You'll Meet in Rio de Janeiro

*** The following is a guest post from rebornmasculinity.com. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the owner of this blog (me). All questions and comments will be forwarded to the author. ***

When I say “Brazilian women”, what comes to your mind?

Big ass; great body, right?

But for those of us who know a little bit more about Brazilian women, the first thing that comes to our mind is passion.

My Latin Life's Social Skills For The Spanish Learner

Hey guys,

I posted on Twitter the other day, and figured I could expand the idea in a post.

…Excuse the language - sometimes I get a little excited.

But the point still stands.

You see…

My Thoughts On AMLO And The Upcoming Mexican Elections

Mexican elections are coming up on July 1st, 2018.

In my opinion, all the candidates are shit.

I feel bad for the Mexican people…

Instagram Accounts Of Venezuela: Caracas Edition

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Today, I'll be talking about some worthwhile Instagram accounts to follow from Venezuela, more specifically, Caracas.

Why Venezuela?

Well, it's a place...

Let's Discuss Safety in Latin America

Vance here to talk about safety in Latin America.

Now, I'm sure you've heard the news. Latin America was, once again, ranked as the world's most dangerous region.

This isn't exactly new - it has taken this dubious title each year as far back as I remember.

But, what does this mean for you as a foreign tourist? Is Latin America safe to travel?

Let's dive in and find out.

A Few Of My Photos From Mexico City...And Some Big News

Short one today, fellas.

While organizing my computer, I found some old photos I took when I lived in Mexico City.

I thought I'd share them with ya'll.

I'll provide some commentary for each photo.


What Does it Mean to Be "Fluent" In Spanish

Hey, gang.

Quick one today.

I get asked by readers and friends if I'm "fluent" in Spanish.

My answer is always: no.

Sure, I can understand...

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Scams While Dating Online in Latin America

You’d think at this point most guys would know the basics of how not to get scammed while dating online.

Unfortunately, though, that’s just not the case…

How NOT To Get Scopolamined in South America

I'd like to talk a bit about how to avoid getting Scopolamined (or, drugged in general) in South America.

Anyone who's travelled down here knows that folks will try to take advantage of you. And, when it comes to scopolamine, women are the main culprits.

So, we'll focus mostly on women today (what's new, eh?)…

Paraguayan Election: Bet You Didn't Even Know It Happened!

Hey folks,

Short one today.

Elections in Paraguay just happened and I thought, "gee, why not talk about it?"

It is, in fact, quite an interesting country…

Business in Latin America: Physical Store vs Online Store

Today, I'll be talking again about business in Latin America. More specifically, I'll be discussing whether it's better to open a physical store or an online store.

We'll go over the pros and cons of each, along with ways you can set up shop south of the border as a foreigner.

Let's jump into it.

The Insane Nightlife Of Latin America (Guest Post)

***This is a guest post from Charles DuFont of Tripoart***


I am Charles DuFont, I run a new website called Tripoart. I've been living and traveling around Latin America for several years. It’s a place I now call home and a place I have had many incredible experiences.

The 100 Best Blogs About Latin America

Friends, enemies, admirers and haters!

I've another post for you today. This time, I'll be talking about the best blogs about Latin America.

First, we'll break down some good blogs that cover the entire region, and then we'll get into specific countries.

Strap yourself in, because this will be a long list.