My Thoughts On AMLO And The Upcoming Mexican Elections

Mexican elections are coming up on July 1st, 2018.

In my opinion, all the candidates are shit.

I feel bad for the Mexican people…

Instagram Accounts Of Venezuela: Caracas Edition

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Today, I'll be talking about some worthwhile Instagram accounts to follow from Venezuela, more specifically, Caracas.

Why Venezuela?

Well, it's a place...

Let's Discuss Safety in Latin America

Vance here to talk about safety in Latin America.

Now, I'm sure you've heard the news. Latin America was, once again, ranked as the world's most dangerous region.

This isn't exactly new - it has taken this dubious title each year as far back as I remember.

But, what does this mean for you as a foreign tourist? Is Latin America safe to travel?

Let's dive in and find out.

A Few Of My Photos From Mexico City...And Some Big News

Short one today, fellas.

While organizing my computer, I found some old photos I took when I lived in Mexico City.

I thought I'd share them with ya'll.

I'll provide some commentary for each photo.


What Does it Mean to Be "Fluent" In Spanish

Hey, gang.

Quick one today.

I get asked by readers and friends if I'm "fluent" in Spanish.

My answer is always: no.

Sure, I can understand...

3 Easy Ways to Avoid Scams While Dating Online in Latin America

You’d think at this point most guys would know the basics of how not to get scammed while dating online.

Unfortunately, though, that’s just not the case…

How NOT To Get Scopolamined in South America

I'd like to talk a bit about how to avoid getting Scopolamined (or, drugged in general) in South America.

Anyone who's travelled down here knows that folks will try to take advantage of you. And, when it comes to scopolamine, women are the main culprits.

So, we'll focus mostly on women today (what's new, eh?)…

Paraguayan Election: Bet You Didn't Even Know It Happened!

Hey folks,

Short one today.

Elections in Paraguay just happened and I thought, "gee, why not talk about it?"

It is, in fact, quite an interesting country…

Business in Latin America: Physical Store vs Online Store

Today, I'll be talking again about business in Latin America. More specifically, I'll be discussing whether it's better to open a physical store or an online store.

We'll go over the pros and cons of each, along with ways you can set up shop south of the border as a foreigner.

Let's jump into it.

The Insane Nightlife Of Latin America (Guest Post)

***This is a guest post from Charles DuFont of Tripoart***


I am Charles DuFont, I run a new website called Tripoart. I've been living and traveling around Latin America for several years. It’s a place I now call home and a place I have had many incredible experiences.

The 100 Best Blogs About Latin America

Friends, enemies, admirers and haters!

I've another post for you today. This time, I'll be talking about the best blogs about Latin America.

First, we'll break down some good blogs that cover the entire region, and then we'll get into specific countries.

Strap yourself in, because this will be a long list.

What Happens If You Overstay Your Visa In Colombia In 2018?

Overstaying a tourist visa in Colombia is a common occurrence. It isn't surprising - Colombia is an easy country to fall in love with after all!

But what happens exactly if you violate the terms of your visa? Will you be locked-up? Deported? Fined? Prohibited from entering the country ever again?

Here's the latest information.

10 Common Misconceptions About Latinos And Latin America

I can be pretty tough on Latinos and Latin America. The region is far from perfect, and there are many things that make living down here frustrating.

In Canada, if I want to get Internet set up in my place it's an easy process. A simple phone call, and within the week there is a qualified individual in my living room setting everything up and answering any questions I may have.

Same thing goes for getting a SIM card or a bank account. 

In Latin America, doing such things is a test of patience...

How A Complete Idiot (Me) Learned Conversational Spanish and How You Can Too

Here are (more or less) the steps I took to learn conversational Spanish.

I've toyed with many resources over the years, and found these ones to be the most helpful.

If you've always wanted to learn Spanish, but weren't sure where to start, this article is for you - if you proceed through all of these stages, you'll come out the other side pretty damn fluent!

Does Medicare Cover Ex-pats?

***This is a guest post from Danielle K Roberts of Boomer Benefits

The ex-pat lifestyle is growing in popularity with America’s retirees. In 2016, over 400,000 retired Americans lived overseas, a figure that’s grown almost 20% since 2010. And Latin American countries have a special appeal for their high quality of life, low cost of living, and ease of traveling “home” to visit loved ones.

The Best Cigars From Latin America/My Experience As An International Smuggler

Now for something a bit different.

Not many people know this about me, but I used to work as a cigar salesman.

Well, I was actually more of an 'exporter.' It was my job to find a way to ship Cuban cigars to the United States from Canada without them getting seized by customs.

I must say, I was very good at it. One year and thousands of shipments. Nothing ever got caught.

More on that later.

Through my experience, I was able to learn a thing or two about cigars and lucky enough to try a multitude of varieties from different countries.

Here are some of my favourites.

So, You Want To Date Brazilian Women?

A night I'll never forget. My first humiliating experience with Brazilian women.

I'd arrived to Rio de Janeiro earlier that day, and I'll admit, I was intimidated. I barely spoke Spanish, let alone Portuguese, and I'd heard horror stories about violence and crime.

I had completely psyched myself out…

5 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Extreme Leftist Backpackers in Latin America

I don't really care about politics.

Aside from a few recent incendiary Twitter comments (usually for laughs), politics occupy very little space in my mind. As far as I'm concerned, as long as you are not posing a threat to me or those I care about, you are free to believe what you like.

That being said. . .

There is a group of people - often well-represented in hostels throughout Latin America - whose political views I find insufferable.

They can usually be identified by one or more of the following characteristics:

Women In Medellin: The Truth Behind The Hype


Figured I'd do a quick post about women in Medellin today.

Any man who's the least bit interested in Latin America has heard of Medellin, Colombia…

10 Strange Items I Bring With Me To Latin America

As someone who travels a lot, I don't have many possessions. I have two small boxes stored in Canada, and the stuff that I travel with fits into one 28" suitcase and a carry-on duffle bag. If I sold everything tomorrow, I'd be lucky to get $2000. And half of that would be my computer.

No matter. That's how I like it.

However, in spite of my predilection for a minimalistic lifestyle, there are still some strange, arguably superfluous things that I never travel without.

I'm happy to share those things with you today: