What Are The Best Cities In Mexico For Meeting Girls?


Mexican girls are among the best in Latin America. 


And, as one of my favourite countries on earth, it pains me to see many travellers overlook its potential -- Mexico is oh so much more than the cultural wastelands of Cancun and Puerto Vallarta (two cities I have, so far, enthusiastically left off of my city guides).


In fact, if you would like to meet Mexican girls, I wouldn't even list the aforementioned vacation hotspots in my Top 10.


If you want to discover the best cities for this type of thing, you are going to have to get off the beaten path a little.


But you don't have to go as far as you think.


Below is a list. It is a list based solely on my personal experiences. That being said, I think the facts will hold true for most guys. For your convenience, I've listed the location of these destinations in relation to their distance from popular Mexican resort cities.


If you like Mexican girls, and are planning a trip down south, here is where you should go:



5) Morelia (600 km from Acapulco)

Morelia is a bit of a sleeper choice. At first, it doesn't seem like much. The girls aren't that hot, the city is beautiful but kind of dull, and Michoacan has a reputation for cartel-related violence. But if you give it a chance, you'll find that Morelia is indeed one of the best cities in Mexico for meeting girls. First of all, you'll have a huge exotic factor because tourists, especially young ones, don't often find their way here. Also, the nightlife can work to your advantage. For instance, in the nicer clubs in Guadalajara, you'll often run into a fresa (rich girl) wall. What I mean by that is some of the hottest girls in the city won't even give you the time of day unless you are a politician's (or narco's) son, or otherwise rich and famous. In Morelia, you'll run into a lot less of that. Yes, there are still stuck-up girls, but on the whole, anyone is fair game. Overall, it ranks beneath Guadalajara because the girls aren't quite as pretty and the city isn't really somewhere that I would spend a lot of time, but it is still a solid choice for a guy looking to meet girls in Mexico.



4) Guadalajara (300 km from Puerto Vallarta)

The fact that Guadalajara ranks in the top 5 isn't surprising -- as one of Mexico's largest and most important cities, girls are plentiful here. However, what makes this one of the best cities in Mexico for meeting girls is not quantity, but quality. All throughout Mexico, Guadalajara is revered for having the hottest girls in the country. And while I don't agree (I'll get to that later), you might be stunned with the quality of women here if your only experience with Mexico has been sipping cocktails by the pool of a fortressed resort. Walking around the university is like walking on to the set of the sexiest telenovela ever. In this Mexican city, girls seem to like guys who are tall and blonde. And while this may not come as a surprise to anyone who has travelled in Latin America and witnessed the White God complex that some of the women seem to have, fair-skinned gents don't actually have that much of an advantage in most of Mexico. Here they do. So if you're a pale viking, book that flight.



3) Monterrey (closest beach is Matamoros I think, but it's not all that safe...called Mata-moros for a reason, it seems)

Monterrey makes the cut for one of the best Mexican cities for meeting girls because it has the hottest girls in the country. They are friendly too. And, although they aren't as easy to hook-up with as girls in some other cities in Mexico (D.F, I'm talking to you), it is not impossible. But seriously, you will be blown away by how amazingly gorgeous the women are in Monterrey. Good news is that it is a lot safer now than it has been in recent years. Bad news? It is expensive as hell.



2) Leon (500 km to Puerto Vallarta)

Even though it is one of its largest cities, no one ever talks about Leon as being one of the best cities in Mexico for meeting girls. You know why? Because they don't want the secret to get out. Seriously. I almost didn't include it on my list because I don't want it to get spoiled by the likes of you. Imagine this: some of the most beautiful girls in Mexico, in a city that's totally safe and picturesque with good nightlife, going off to college and living on their own. Well, that is Leon. The foreign English teachers I met here all planned to stay for a just year. They never left. You can guess why.



1) Mexico City (400 km to Acapulco)

If you've ever been here, you won't be shocked by this. Mexico City is the best city in Mexico to meet girls. Period. The only struggle here will be getting over your initial intimidation of the city -- for first time visitors who aren't used to megatropolises, it's imposing, maybe even frightening. But if you stick around, you will find that foreigners are VERY well received by girls. Females here are truly metropolitan which means that many aren't strangers to the one night stand. Many even seem to be strong advocates of it. But, if you want a loyal girlfriend, you can find that too. Most young people here live alone or with roommates (read "not with parents") so you can avoid all kinds of levels of parental awkwardness that you might face in other cities in Mexico. I recommend going out to a club in Roma, Coyoacan or CondesaPolanco is too pretentious and Centro can be seedy at times.



***P.S. If you prefer to meet women online, Mexican Cupid is the best option here (you can scope and chat with the women before you arrive, unlike Tinder). And the quality and quantity has improved significantly in recent years.

If you have an account with them, you already know what I mean 😉.

To close off the list, I'll give mentions to the cities of Hermosillo, Torreon and Chihuahua. I haven't visited yet so I can't give an opinion, but I've heard that they are also good cities for sexy and easy-going Mexican girls.


And if you'll want to date Latinas in Mexico, you'll need to speak some Spanish. PickUp Spanish is the only program of its kind that teaches you Spanish for the specific purpose of meeting and dating Latinas.




Until next time,



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