The Actual Most Dangerous Cities in Latin America


I know.


The blogosphere doesn't need another post about "most dangerous cities." But I'm going to give you one anyway.


You know why?


Because mine isn't full of shit.


Bloggers think that all they have to do is Google murder statistics to find out where dangerous travel destinations are?


I don't think so.


Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, for instance, does not appear on my list. As a matter of fact, no city in Mexico appears on my list because major cities in Mexico are safe for tourists. Rio de Janeiro is nowhere to be found either, and good luck finding another "most dangerous" list on the World Wide Web that doesn't try to scare you away from "The Marvellous City."

 Mi cholita bonita.

Mi cholita bonita.

The following list is based on Latin American cities that are dangerous for tourists, not on Latin American cities where the most drug dealers get gunned down each day.


6) Managua, Nicaragua

Managua makes the list because criminals here actively target tourists. Whereas in other cities wealthy locals are usually the ones sought after for kidnappings, extortions and robberies, in Managua, the target is just as likely to be you.


5) Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala is home to some of the most honest and proud people in the world. Unfortunately, most of them live outside of Guatemala City. The biggest threat here is what I like to call "getting caught up in something." By that I mean your tourist bus - or even your public bus - has a legitimate chance of being robbed by gunmen.


4) Recife, Brazil

In Recife, criminals don't discriminate; it's just as dangerous for everyone walking the streets after sundown: white, black, asian or mulatto. While you probably won't get hit by a stray bullet, violent attacks and stabbings are alarmingly common in this Brazilian city. Even the aquatic life here is out to get you.


3) Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Many Hondurans are desperate. And, they don't seem to be too fond of white folk. If you walk around this sprawling, impossibly ugly metropolis for long enough, you may find yourself a victim of robbery, a random beat down, or both.


2) Colon, Panama

My grandaddy used to say, "if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it is probably is a duck. Well, Colon looks dangerous, feels dangerous, sounds dangerous, and is fucking goddamn dangerous.


1) Caracas, Venezuela

There are few places you can go in Caracas without feeling uneasy. Even changing money can be a seriously intimidating venture; to get the proper rate you'll have to swap on the black market, often with beyond-sketchy characters. Guns are pulled here like you check Instagram, and murderers are almost never brought to justice. Combine that with the fact that you'll be presumed rich and American, and you could have one hell of a conflict on your hands.


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