Sexual Arbitrage in South America: Advantage? Single White Male


I want you to imagine someone.


This person could be from the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia or Denmark. He’s 6’2” and has dirty blonde hair. He has an average build, not chiseled but not fat. He’s your average twenty-something male. In his home country, he struggles with girls. He’s had a few relationships, and a couple of random hookups here and there, but a Don Juan he is not. Let’s say he’s been with 7 women in his life.


Let’s also give him a name.


We’ll call him Derek.


One day, Derek decides to take a trip. He’s always wanted to go to South America, but just never got around to it. His job contract ends in a few weeks and he’s managed to save some money, so he figures it’s now or never. He books a flight to Colombia for 14 days.


When Derek arrives at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota he is nervous. He’s forgotten most of the Spanish he learned in high school. However, he manages to squeak out an address to the cab driver, and arrives safely at his pre-booked hostel in the La Candelaria district.


He meets some fellow English speakers in the common room of the hostel, and they offer him a beer. They all get to talking, and a few of the guys suggest going to a nearby nightclub. Derek is reluctant. He’s just had a long plane ride and nightclubs aren’t really his scene. But, he agrees to go anyway, deciding that it would be better than sitting in a hostel alone all evening.


He and three others go to a popular tourist club a short walk from the hostel. Derek is immediately struck by how much more attractive Colombian women are than girls back home. He tries to convince himself to start a conversation with one of them, but decides he’s not yet drunk enough for such forwardness.


He walks up to the bar with his hostel buddies to order a beer and also to observe the crowd. While leaning against the bar and watching the dance floor, he feels someone brush against his shoulder. He turns and his eyes meet with a gorgeous Colombiana.


“Hola!” she says. “Como se llama?”


Derek tells her his name, taken aback by her friendliness.


Fortunately, she speaks English and the two of them have a lovely conversation about school, work and Colombia.


After about thirty minutes, her friends summon her to go to a different club, and she invites Derek to join her. He wants to, but he declines. He is unfamiliar with the city and doesn’t want to ditch his friends. She seems disappointed, but gives him a kiss on the cheek as well as her phone number and tells him to call her.


Derek is ecstatic – never in one hundred nights out would that have happened to him at home. He spots one of friends on the dance floor and heads over to reconnect with them.


He discovers that they have all paired off with girls. He doesn’t want to risk cockblocking anyone, so instead of interrupting he retreats back toward some tables on the edge of the dance floor.


“Fuck. This feels awkward,” Derek thinks, as he stands alone, glancing aimlessly around the club.


Then, out of nowhere, a cute, short Colombian girl grabs him by the arm.


“Baila conmigo!” she says, dragging him on to the dance floor.


Derek is shit at dancing salsa, but he gives an honest effort and remains positive; he’s still on a high from the first girl he met. After dancing a few fast-paced songs, the DJ switches to a slow one. At the end of the dance, they kiss passionately for about five seconds.


She tells Derek that she should find her friends, so Derek goes to find his, who are standing at the bar. They had seen what happened and congratulated him on his first hook-up in Colombia.


Derek spends the rest of the night with his friends and goes back to the hostel in blissful disbelief of the amazing time he just had.


Over the next two weeks, Derek experienced more success with girls in Colombia than he did in the entire year back home. He went out twice more in Bogota, and kissed different girls on both nights. He called the girl he met the first night at the bar, and they went for a walk and got coffee and had interesting conversations about life. In Medellin, he did even better. It seemed that girls were competing for him in the bars. He even had memorable sex with a very beautiful Paisa in a hotel room near Parque Lleras.


When it was time for Derek to go home he didn’t want to leave. He had experienced a new culture and made connections with women in a way that made him feel wanted. At home, he used to get lonely and depressed often.


But Derek is mature and knows that a vacation is just that: only a vacation.


He returns home to his empty apartment. He’s depressed for about a month, but he slowly falls back into his new routine. He lands a new contract, occasionally goes out to the bar with his friends and tries to seduce women, but only after he’s gone a month or so without sex.


His South American journey becomes a distant but fond memory.



If you’ve never travelled to a foreign country, particularly a developing one, you probably can’t relate to this story. If you have, I’ll bet I struck a chord.


Derek’s tale is a very typical example of what I call “sexual arbitrage” (I did not create the term). Arbitrage is an economic activity that is basically taking advantage of a price difference between different markets. For example, cocaine is very cheap in Colombia, but very expensive in the United States. If I buy the product in Colombia, and transport and sell it in the United States for a profit, this is a form of arbitrage.


It's a wonder no one's ever thought of that. . .


In Derek’s case, his sexual market value (SMV) was much higher in Colombia than it was at home (read: United States, Canada, Western Europe etc.). Ergo, he was benefitting from a form of arbitrage in which he was the product in demand and sexy ladies were the enthusiastic consumers.


It’s easy to simply attribute his success to his exotic factor. Being from a different country always helps a man’s cause; we’ve all experienced that smooth foreign dude at the local bar who can melt that ice queen (who you’ve been trying to bang for an eternity) just by whispering a few words in his native tongue.


As Johnny Drama from Entourage says: “it’s vacation pussy, anyone can get that.”


However, as with most things in life, White folk have some advantages over other ethnicities when it comes to sexual arbitrage:


1)  Language – Do you speak Brazilian Portuguese or Farsi fluently? Likely not. But if you’re reading this you probably speak English fluently, and so does much of the world. This is extremely convenient for born and bred English speakers who - let’s face it - are mostly White, to travel to a different country and hit on the women.

Imagine an Uzbek trying to get laid in Australia without a word of English. Not going to be easy.


2)    Media – Ever notice whose faces are on all the billboards around Latin America? White people. Particularly fairer-skinned whiteys. Ever watch a telenovela? I’m guessing the actors don’t look like the lovely señora who just sold you a plastic bag of tortillas. Through images like these, people in Latin America have been conditioned to associate whiteness with beauty and status since before they could talk.


3)    Wealth – A lot of White folk are rich. And even more non-White folk think all White folk are rich. Whether or not you are indeed rich, much like the Mexican justice system, you will be guilty until proven innocent.


4)    LoyaltyLatinos tend to cheat a lot. I’ve spoken with several girls from Latin America that think that a gringo is less likely to cheat or treat a woman poorly in general. I don’t agree with this because White people frequently treat women just as bad if not worse than Latinos, but it is in fact something that some women believe.


As you can see our boy Derek ticks all the boxes. He is a tall, fair-skinned English-speaking honkey with a pleasant, non-threatening demeanor. Where he comes from, these traits are givens, not assets, and therefore are not treated as such by his countrywomen.


But in South America, these things are valued. Guys like him don’t have to do anything to have sex with girls in South America: they just gotta show up.


I’ve met guys while travelling who have uprooted their entire lives to take advantage of sexual arbitrage. They’ll never admit it of course, but you can smell it on them: overweight English teachers in Peru, hostel workers in Brazil, bartenders in Mexico, all of them White and all of them thirsty.


So, as a White male, is it OK to take advantage of sexual arbitrage?

Is it moral?

If you are young and single I’d say go for it. Move to a foreign country like Mexico or Colombia. Find your Eden. Maybe you’ll even learn a new language while you’re at it. I think it’s silly to feel guilty about any special treatment and to see these girls as victims. Remember, they are out to have fun and hook-up, just like you.

And, although the media may have engendered her attraction to you, it didn’t unzip her jeans and undo her bra strap.

She’s capable of making her own decisions.


The key is not to get lost in it. Don’t abandon your goals, dreams and aspirations for pussy. Know when it’s time to come home. Or you can stay abroad - just have a plan for self-improvement. You don’t want to become the 50 year-old guy running brothel tours for other dirty gringos in the Zona Rosa.


Because that guy is a loser in any country.


Until next time,