My Upcoming Tinder World Tour...Of Latin America


Ladies and Gentlemen (mostly Gentlemen, I'm assuming), I have an idea. It's an idea that will take place over the next three weeks, and see me across the entire continent of Latin America. 


However, for this journey, I won't need to leave the comfort of my apartment.


Welcome to my Tinder tour of Latin America.


As I noted in my last post, I've figured out a way to trick Tinder into thinking I'm elsewhere. This has allowed me to virtually travel to Rio de Janeiro, message a few women, then load up my wagon and head on over to Buenos Aires to do the same.


And let me tell you, it has been great.


But without any hard data, my Tinder adventures so far have been little more than masturbatory (both literally and figuratively), so I've decided to take a pseudoscientific approach to discover where one can have the most Tinder success in Latin America. You know, in case you're having trouble decided where to go for your next vacation.


Here's the plan:


I pick seven cities throughout Latin America. I spend two days in each city. I like 100 different girls, all active within six hours of less. I'll try to keep the timeframe that I spend in each city consistent (i.e. 6pm to 6pm in every city). I'll drop my GPS pin in near a central metro station in each city, and set my Tinder radius to 13 kilometres. At the end of the two days, I'll make a tally of all my matches and messages, and provide some commentary on how attractive the Tinder gals were (both for my matches, and in general).


The cities I'm thinking of using for my analysis are as follows:

1) Mexico City, Mexico

2) Panama City, Panama

3) Bogota, Colombia

4) Lima, Peru

5) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

6) Santiago, Chile

7) Buenos Aires, Argentina


I feel that these cities will provide a well-rounded idea on what things are looking like Tinder wise for the entire region of Latin America.


Over the next week, I will get some of the variables and controls worked out for the study. And one week from today, I will begin my Tinder trek. 


I hope you're as excited as I am.


*If you have ideas for cities you'd like to see included in the analysis, or have advice on how to conduct the Tinder analysis in the most objective manner, please post in the comments below!


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