Using Tinder In Mexico: An Introduction


Welcome to what I'm confident will be the first of many posts about Tindering in Mexico City.


Your first question might be: do people even use Tinder in Mexico?


I'm here to tell you that they do. And they fucking lean into it.


As a man, the first thing that you'll notice about using Tinder in Mexico is the sheer amount of matches you'll get. Girls here seem to be more up for swiping right and chatting than girls in North America or Europe. I once knew an American chap who had Tinder dates set up each night of the week for about ten days...and he was no Arizona sunset.


The point is that Tinder can be an excellent tool for hooking up and social networking in Mexico. Particularly Mexico City.


If you know how to play the game.


In general, Tinder works the same here as it does where you're from: matches (just like literal wooden matches) burn hot and fast - if you don't jump on initiating contact with a gal, she'll find another fella to satisfy her need for attention pretty quick. But, there are a few things to emphasize in your profile here that you might not think to do back in your home country.



1) "English Motherf*cker Do You Speak It?" -Jules, Pulp Fiction

This is an important rule: when Tindering in Mexico, always stick to English unless you are completely fluent in Spanish. Can you get by with Google Translate? Of course, but why go through the trouble. There is no shortage of girls here who like foreigners and are anxious to speak English - especially on Tinder - so play within that zone. By only using English, you'll filter out the girls who you wouldn't be able to have a meaningful conversation with anyway, and attract the ones who are already predisposed to liking you and your status as a foreigner. That, and you'll seem a whole lot less manly if you show up to a date and you aren't actually able to have a conversation with the girl. An easy filtering system is to simply include a description of yourself in English on your profile that includes what country you are from.



2) Your Height

This is important to girls all over the world, but particularly so in Mexico. While on Tinder in Mexico City, girls will constantly ask you how tall you are. In a country where most of the dudes are short, it isn't altogether surprising that the girls want someone who can still see over their head if they're in heels. If you are 5'10 or over, include it right in your profile. Saves them time asking. If you are any shorter, however, I'd leave it out.



3) Picture(s) With Attractive White Women

This, for better or for worse, serves as social proof everywhere in the world. Mexico is no different. So if you got 'em, flaunt 'em! But don't overdo it. One, or two pictures max, and preferably with more than one girl. You don't want to look like you have a bunch of pictures of you with your x-girlfriend on your Tinder profile.




Another surprisingly good option for online dating in Mexico is Mexican Cupid.

I'd recommend this for guys looking for a more serious relationship, though. Girls on Mexican Cupid are usually more traditional than what you'd find on Tinder (the quality of the women is about the same).

Same above rules apply to this dating site.



Well, I reckon that should be a good start. All common sense, really. Even if you decide not to meet with any of your matches, Tinder is still a great way to find out about some good bars and restaurants in your area, or some lesser-known tourist attractions.


Happy swiping!


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