The Five Best Bars In Mexico City For Tourists


Mexico City has an obscene amount of bars - you'll never go thirsty here.

And although that's a good thing, the abundance of choice can be overwhelming for first time visitors.

But not to worry.

There is a handful of bars that welcome tourists with open arms (and legs) and most of them are located within walking distance of one another.

Now, before I give you the list, a quick disclaimer: These may not be the best bars in Mexico City (at least not by local standards). However, I do believe that they are the best bars for tourists in Mexico City. This means that they might not have the cheapest drinks, best music or prettiest girls, but what they do have is people (read 'women') that are interested in meeting and/or hooking up with foreigners.

Anyway, I've wasted enough of your time. Here is the list of the five best bars in Mexico City for tourists:



If you want the bad news first: Molly is expensive as hell. The good news? Pretty girls and your (presumably) exotic factor. Because this club is in the south of the city, not many tourists make it here unless they are going to UNAM, the big public university which is just down the road from the bar...which in that case, I suppose they wouldn't really be tourists...Keep in mind that this is a proper club so if dressing nice and loud top-40 music isn't your bag, it is best to steer clear. There are better choices for you further up the list. Also, the girls, although gorgeous, aren't particularly easy.



A popular after hours club in Colonia Juarez. I was excessively drunk when I stumbled my way in here, but I remember enough to share with you folks today. Somewhat classy, but not as pretentious as Molly. I paid 150 pesos to get in (about $10 USD) which hurt, but I believe that they do have nights with free cover. If you're foreign, you'll probably bypass the line. Girls are pretty, music was good (some DJ playing electronic stuff but not too heavy), not a huge emphasis on dancing which I like, and the people were friendly. Unfortunately drinks are quite expensive (I think around $5 USD for a beer, maybe slightly less). Smoking area inside by the bathrooms. For these reasons, I'll give it the prize of being the 4th best bar in Mexico City for tourists.


3) Patrick Miller

This place has nothing short of a cult following here in Mexico. Check out this video from Vice to see what I mean. But don't worry, it's not as strange as YouTube would have you believe - the crazy middle aged people dancing only occurs every second Friday. The rest of the nights of the week you can expect a typical club setting, with a bit of an older crowd. Very easy to meet gals here, and just an all around fun atmosphere. Drinks aren't too expensive, and the location in the city is excellent (Colonia Roma). Congratulations Patrick Miller, you are the 3rd best bar for tourists in Mexico City.


2) Pata Negra

If you have ever gone out to a bar in Mexico City as a tourist, this is probably where you ended up. Pata Negra has become the number one go-to spot for Anglophones in Mexico trying to hookup with girls. I can see why: last time I checked there was no cover, drinks were cheap, and women were throwing themselves at anything that spoke English. Need I say more? Location is also excellent: safe and surrounded by tons of other bars. Stop by Pata Negra if you haven't already.


1) Rhodesia (UPDATE: NOW CLOSED)

This is the easiest bar in Mexico City for hooking up. If it isn't, I don't want to know what is. Kind of a hipster/yuppie hybrid vibe going on here with the clientele - which I can take or leave - but the girls are way too up for tourists. Moderately priced drinks. The music? Who cares. Just tolerate it. The only problem with this club is that the word has gotten out and it is packed with tourists just like you on any given night. But this still won't reduce your chances with women. If you're a foreigner looking to find a nice gal for a night in a bar in Mexico City, look no further than Rhodesia.


And there you have it. The list of the five best bars in Mexico City for tourists. And the best part? Bars #1, 2 and 3 are walking distance from one another.

Happy travels :).


***As you can see, this post is outdated - most of the best bars for tourists have closed down. But more have popped up! Check out this updated post for recent (2018) information.


P.S If you're more introverted, don't like the bar scene but would still like to meet men or women, I highly recommend trying Mexican Cupid.


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