Do Latin Women Cheat More Than White Women?


Before I get bombarded with angry emails from 8th wave feminists and white knights for my 'inflammatory' title, let me offer this up: No, I do not believe that one race or ethnicity of people inherently cheats more than another.

The Internet is rife with such accusations, particularly on expat forums and certain manosphere websites. Endless tales of men swearing off white women after a bad divorce, horror stories of what happened after you brought that sweet, feminine Latina back to your home country and she turned into a conniving bitch seemingly overnight.

It goes both ways.

And it reminds me of a story.

I used to work on a farm with a guy named Bill. After a terrible marriage and divorce in which his ex-wife took him for half of his net worth (Bill was a very hard worker), he made a decision never to mess with white women again. His solution was to go to the Philippines and bring back a wife, and he did just that.

Guess what?

Turns out she's an awful, treacherous monster of a woman. She would constantly subvert and humiliate him, even in front of their 3-year-old daughter. She never missed an opportunity. Not to mention the money he was sending back to her family (she refused to work) would end up costing him more in the long run than his divorce. That is, if they are still together (I haven't kept in touch with Bill, but I wouldn't be surprised one bit if she left him as soon as she got her Canadian citizenship).

So, what's my point?

Bill refused to see the truth. The problem wasn't white women, the problem was Bill; his failure to find a woman who respected him.

I am Bill's flawed screening process.

I am Bill's flawed screening process.

The culture and colour of the woman he selected was irrelevant. Bill wasn't choosing the wrong race of woman. Bill was choosing the wrong women.

With this in mind, I'd like to preface this article with one important point:

If a woman is cheating on you or treating you like shit, it is probably your fault.

It is your fault for ignoring what are usually obvious warning signs before getting into a relationship, or for not being someone that she can respect. It's usually the former. This isn't to say that women can't trick you - there are some master manipulators among them. If you fall victim to one of these rare and wily creatures, then I am truly sorry. But in the majority of cases, it's up to you to see the storm on the horizon.



Do Latin Women Cheat More Than White Women?

Now for the good stuff. The short answer to this question is no: latin women do not cheat more than white women. But before you stop reading, there is one massive caveat.

Latin women are much less trustworthy.

Remember what I said above about master manipulators? Well, this describes many latin women to a T.

So, while a latin woman isn't more likely to cheat, you are much less likely to catch her and she is much less likely to tell you if she does.

A couple reasons for this:


1) Latinas grow up lying

As a result of being under such close observation from their parents (quite often until their late 20s, as many girls are still living at home at this age) and under strict rules, girls in Latin America are forced to lie to their parents if they want to have any fun. The girlfriends that I have had in LATAM - with very few exceptions - have to call their parents and make up an elaborate lie about why they are staying at a "girl friend's" house if they want to stay the night at my place. I am always impressed (and terrified) at the fluidness and creativity of these lies. The skill and assurance that even the nicest, most innocent Latina displays while lying to her parents can only come from years of practice.

Compare this to girlfriends I've had in Canada. Starting from about the age of 19, girlfriends were able to spend the night at my place with their parent's blessing. The parents know what's up, and as long as they trust me and their daughter's judgment, there is rarely a problem. Because of the freedom allowed to kids in western countries (i.e. Canada and the USA) by their parents, there is less need or incentive to lie.

This, in my very humble opinion, makes white girls worse at lying.

Don't get me wrong - I don't disagree at all with the parenting tactics in Latin America. These countries are dangerous, and if you don't keep a close eye on your daughter, it is proper bad parenting. If I am ever a father down here (God fucking forbid), I would be the same way. I'm simply saying that an unintended result of this is an army of expertly deceptive niñas. 


2) They assume that you are cheating

Much like the Mexican justice system, when you enter a relationship with a Latina, you are guilty until proven innocent. This is a likely result of the fact that Latin men are known to cheat. This means, and I speak from experience (see link to article in sentence), that infidelity isn't really looked upon with the same gravity as it is in western countries. For example (again, speaking from experience), a Latina is more likely to take you back than a white woman if they find out you've been stepping outside of the relationship.

However, because cheating is looked on more casually here, if the girl you are seeing does cheat on you, she is far less likely to own up to it. If she - erroneously or not - suspects you of doing it too, the guilt isn't exactly going to consume her. I've slept with more than a few Latinas that I've met at a bar or club only to have them confess to me after the fact that they have a boyfriend. I can't say the same with any Canadian girls I've been with.

Before you frantically call me a racist (and if you must, use the comment section and start a dialogue...I don't know why y'all prefer to send hate emails) remember what I said earlier: I don't believe that Latin women cheat more than white women. In my experience, most Latinas are fiercely loyal. Just be aware that if she does cheat on you, you aren't likely to hear it from her, even if she wants to end the relationship.



In Conclusion

Take what you will from this - as always, I speak only from experience. And by no means should you allow this to scare you off from dating in Latin America. I've had some great relationships here and I intend on having many more. All I ask is that you think long and hard about wifing up a woman from another country and bringing her home - you don't want to end up like our friend Bill.


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Until next time,



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