The Death Of The White God Factor In Latin America (And What To Do About It)


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The golden years are over.


The time when you would get eye fucked just walking down the street in Colombia died a decade or so after Pablo Escobar did.


Never mind eye-fucking, you'll struggle to even get a reply on Tinder in Latin America these days.


Don't believe me? On my last trip to Latin America a few months ago, here are a few changes I witnessed:


·      Many girls in Medellin, Colombia are not only uninterested in foreign guys, they are disinterested. They fear the judgment of their friends and family thinking they are a prostitute.

·      Foreign guys in Latin America have told me they are messaging hundreds of girls online and not getting replies

·      Many of the girls I met in Peru and the Dominican Republic had already had multiple foreign boyfriends



Why the Decline?


Economic and cultural changes are happening on a global scale and changing the scene for Latin American Playboys. For example:


·      Cheap flights

Caused by oil prices going down and the rise of frequent flyer points

·      Location independence

More guys are able to do their work over the Internet so they choose to live in countries with better weather & hotter women

·      Sex Tourism

"Sexpats" hear stories of easy pussy and are invading in droves

·      Free information

There are more travel blogs for single men that are making guys aware of the possibilities

·      Western Women

The behavior and physiques of women in developed countries have degraded so much that guys are seeking greener pastures

·      Online dating & Smartphones

Guys can spoof their Tinder location from anywhere in the world and carpet bomb girls with messages. Latin girls who would never have spoken to a foreign guy before smartphones became available, are now chatting with dozens everyday


Globalization means Latin women are more exposed to foreign guys, and as the saying goes:


"Familiarity breeds contempt"



Eggs Vs. Sperm & Donald Trump

Now, I don't want you to think: "Oh no! The sky is falling". You will still get ugly girls messaging you on Latin American Cupid, it's just that the hot ones don’t reply anymore. 


But hasn’t this always been the case? Attractive/desirable women have been more difficult to get since the beginning of time.


Hoards of men competing for the attention of a small number of beautiful women? As another saying goes:


"More things stay the same than change"




Why Trump Is Partially Right About Mexicans

Bear with me a second while I take a slight diversion.


Well-educated Mexicans don't emigrate to the US. Why not? They have high-paying jobs in Mexico, they have social status, they have a golden future at home. What would they gain by moving to the US?


On the other hand, for dirt poor Mexicans with no education and eating dust on a ranch, working 70 hours a week at Chuck-E-Cheese would be a better life. So, they take the risk, cross the border and live illegally. They have nothing to lose.


What does this have to do with competition from foreign guys in Latin America?


This: most of the guys who leave the West to improve their dating lives are low value guys.


Of course, there are some exceptions of high value guys who just have a thing for Latin asses. But mostly, you'll be competing with losers rather than top-of-the-food-chain guys.


By the way, this doesn’t include you or any other guys who read this article. Just by reading this blog, you are showing that you are curious, that you want to learn and improve yourself - that makes you a high value foreigner in Latin America.



Your Plan of Action


So that's the situation. But don't worry; I'm not going to explain the problem then leave you hanging.


Here's what you can do to regain the upper hand with Latin American girls:


1. Stay one step ahead of the competition

Every foreign guy goes to Medellin, Rio, Lima, etc., looking for girls. These cities get played out.


If you want to feel the rock star status that men once enjoyed in the big cities, visit cities off the beaten path - Pereira, Colombia. Zacatecas, Mexico, for example. This blog reviews many of them.


What happens when these places get overrun and played out, you ask? Well, if that happens, discover new places. Even cities of 250,000-100,000 people can give you tones of hot girls, especially if you are the only gringo in town.


Of course, traveling off the beaten track does have its downsides. For example:


·      Levels of English will be lower to non-existent - you will have to know Spanish

·      Less to do in smaller cities so you might get bored

·      Fewer female prospects on online dating sites

·      Fewer hot girls in general - Hot girls from all around the country flock the big cities to "make it"


2. Increase your value:

There’s plenty of info out there on how to learn languages, make money, dress better, have a fun and interesting lifestyle, get in shape, etc.


I’m not saying it’s easy or cheap to do these things, I’m just telling you what you have to do. Simple and easy are not the same.


3. Opposites attract

Your number 1 priority should be to avoid being pigeon-holed as a typical gringo. Take a look at the other foreign guys in Latin America, make a note of what they do, and do the opposite:


·      They hang with other foreigners, you hang with locals

·      They don’t speak Spanish, you do

·      They wear cargo shorts and flip flops, you look GQ 

·      They hang out in the expat/tourist places, you hang in the little-known local hangouts


Of course, integrating isn’t easy – it takes time and Spanish. Most guys heading to South America don’t have either, I understand that.


The three steps I've outlined above come from a concept called, “The Commandment of Entry”.


In short, if “everyone is doing it”, you want to be doing something else. If all it takes is a Tinder account then you need to take a different approach.


Most guys won’t do what is scary, painful, time-consuming, etc. If you are willing to pay the price, you’ll stand out.


For example, lots of guys will message hundreds of girls on dating sites because there is no fear of rejection. Few language skills are required (if you use translation tools) however most guys are not willing to pay the price and feel the fear that comes from approaching girls during the day, or (yikes!) approaching mixed groups in night venues.


Do you know any guys who approach mixed groups with hot girls in them in Latin America?


I only know a couple, and they get the hottest girls.


(BTW, I’m not knocking online dating, it is a tool every guy should use, but it is one tool among many)


Do what the other foreign guys are not willing to do, go where they won't, and you’ll reap the rewards.



Para Concluir

"History is the best teacher."


The white god factor is not going anywhere soon. Ever since Cortes vanquished the Aztecs in Mexico and Pizzaro defeated the Incas in Peru, foreign men have had high value in Latin America.


The perceived superiority of the West has existed in Latin American since the 16th century. The Spanish Conquistadors established the idea of a superior race and culture in Latin America around 1540.


Deep cultural and societal habits that have lasted for 500 years don't go away just because Jet Blue is offering cheaper flights to Medellin.



Darwin and the Value of Competition

If you have been bitching about pussy paradises being ruined, ask yourself this question:


Do you really want it to be easy?


Question: Have you ever had a really easy lay? One where you didn’t have to work or persist or stretch yourself?


I have and it always feels unsatisfying.


It’s human nature. We value what is difficult to attain.  If it becomes a little harder for foreigners in Latin America, it’s a good thing – it will force us to grow, be better, survival of the fittest, natural selection and all that.


You’ll just have to work harder, approach more girls, be more charming, etc.


Ponte a estudiar (get studying).




Un abrazo,

- El Conquistador


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