Location Review: Is Mexico City Worth Visiting?


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Hello again.


Vance here to give you a short and sweet introduction to one of my favourite Latin American cities. As the capital of Mexico and one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world (the urban population exceeds 20 million), there is obviously plenty to see and do here.


This comes with both positives and negatives. The good news is that you’re not likely to be bored. The bad news is that the city can seem intimidating and incomprehensible for visitors more accustomed to smaller places – I lived here for a year and still can't claim to have scratched the surface of all the city has to offer. Fortunately, there are many great destinations a short bus ride away if you want to escape the chaos, which is something I did often.


But, enough with the foreplay.


Here’s the important question: is Mexico City worth visiting?




Mexico City – Woman Rating 3.5/5


As I so often do, I'll begin by talking about girls.


So, it's no secret that Mexican women get a pretty bad rap, especially in the United States. This is based off of the appearance of Mexican American women – perhaps, as Donald Trump might say, “they’re not sending their best.” However, cross the border and you’re likely to be surprised at the quality of the girls in Mexico. Almost everyone I know who was travelled here (including myself) have had this pleasant realization. 


And Mexico City is the perfect place to wet your beak. You’ll find girls from all over the country here: blonde haired, green eyed girls from the north, black haired, browed eyed girls from the south, and everything in between. Best of all, they are very receptive to foreigners. One caveat though: you need to know some Spanish.


I recommend completing Rocket Spanish and/or Pimsleur Spanish before you go. They are highly effectively language courses that will allow you to learn the language as quickly as possible.


 Also, a little fun-fact about Mexico City is that there are A LOT of unimaginably sexy Argentines working here as models. Not everyone knows this. Combine this with an incredible nightlife scene and… well, you can start to guess what kept me here for 18 months.


However, before you book that plane ticket, you have to realize something: the quality of girls in Mexico City is highly dependent on what part of the city you are in.


As I’ve said on my blog, don’t come to Mexico expecting the women to be as hot as in Colombia or Brazil – they’re not. And if you stick to the center of the city (as most tourists do), things are pretty average. To truly see what Mexico City has to offer in terms of women, I’d suggest checking out the neighborhoods of Condesa, Roma, and Polanco instead.


Tinder seems to be the preferred resource for Internet dating here. Mexican Cupid also has plenty to choose from.


 Hop on either and you won’t be disappointed.




Mexico City, Mexico – Cost of Living Rating 4/5


Mexico City is extremely affordable if you are coming from the United States or Western Europe. Less so if you’re used to Asia. Still, with the current exchange rate (November 2016) the cheapest hostels will only run you $8 USD, and you can get a basic hotel room for about $20. A ride on the extensive metro/metrobus system is a mere 35 cents and will take you anywhere in the city. Mexico City’s taxi fleet is the largest in the world and fabulously cheap – you’ll rarely pay more than $7 to get anywhere.

I only gave Mexico City a 3.5/5 for cost of living because a man can live cheaper in South East Asia and on about the same in Eastern Europe. But, if like me your interest lies in Latin America, there is almost no city that offers this level of infrastructure, service and safety at such an affordable price.


For those of you thinking about a more long term stay, here is a short breakdown of my costs to give you an idea:


Room in a 2-bedroom flat in Condesa (one of the best areas of the city) = $250
Monthly grocery bill = $120 – $150
Bottle of beer = 80 cents in corner store; $2.50 in a club/bar
Street food = $1.67 for 5 small tacos; $1.50 for a large sandwich (torta)
Cover charge for clubs = free – $13.50 for the most exclusive clubs in the city


Long story short, I lived comfortably (dates, taking taxis, going to bars, eating good food) for about $1,000 a month.


If you want more information on cost of living, here is a complete breakdown of life in Mexico City.




Mexico City, Mexico – Quality of Life Rating 3.5/5


Now is as good a time as any to address the elephant in the room: safety. Mexico City does not have a good reputation in this regard. Although western media wildly exaggerates the security situation here, you still need to exercise some caution. Fortunately, most crime is restricted to seedy barrios where the average traveller would have no reason to go. My neighborhood, for example, has a strong police presence, and it is not uncommon to see women walking their dog alone at night – it is basically safe at all hours. In general, it is relatively easy to avoid problems here if you’re not looking for trouble.


Unfortunately, pollution is an issue in Mexico City. Dirty air mixed with the city’s high elevation can make breathing a bit arduous at times. Also, the traffic is terrible. Might as well forget about getting anywhere fast during morning or evening rush hour.


On the bright side, the city has good weather, excellent food, sexy gals and a vibrant nightlife.


For me, the pros outweigh the cons.


AM Local, Condesa. Check it out on Wednesday while in Mexico City.

AM Local, Condesa. Check it out on Wednesday while in Mexico City.





Women:  3.5/5

Cost Of Living:  4/5

Quality of Life:  3.5/5




Without a doubt, Mexico City is an enchanting place. It is absolutely worth visiting - especially considering it's only a short flight from every major American city. The girls are hot, fun and full of life. But with all that being said, as a first time visitor, I’d recommend focusing on no more than 2 or 3 districts of the city… or else you will think it’s nothing more than a bafflingly anarchic clusterfuck.


But then again, that’s part of the charm.


After travelling extensively around Latin America, Mexico City is one of only a handful of places that’ve captured my heart. It may not have the hottest women, it may not be the cheapest or the safest, but it offers a near-perfect balance of all three.


 I really hope you make it down sometime!






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