50 Good Books About Mexico, Central and South America


What originally drove me to live in Latin America wasn't the sex, sun and salsa. Rather, it was a fascination with the politics, culture and society in this part of the world.


My interest started in university with a socioeconomics course. Insufferable Marxist indoctrination aside, it was an engaging class and responsible for igniting my enthusiasm for Latin America. I probably never would have bothered to take the jump to live in LATAM if I hadn't taken the class.


Credit where credit's due.


Since then, I've probably read over 100 books covering almost every country in the region (aside from the more obscure ones, like Suriname, Guyana and French Guyana - I don't know anything about these places...even though my grandfather lived in Suriname).


In no particular order, here are some of the more interesting titles that I remember, both fiction and non-fiction, from Latin American authors and non-Latin American authors. 



50 Good Books About Mexico, Central and South America

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The Missing Year Of Juan Salvatierra - Pedro Mairal






The Old Gringo - Carlos Fuentes






The President -  Miguel Ángel Asturias






Down The Rabbit Hole - Juan Pablo Villalobos






Nostromo - Joseph Conrad






A History Of Violence - Oscar Martinez






America South - Jesse Myner






At The Devil's Table - William C. Rempel






City Of God - Gil Cuadros






Wolf Boys - Dan Slater






El Sicario - Charles Bowden






Gangster Warlords - Ioan Grillo






Havana: A Subtropical Delirium - Mark Kurlansky






Killing Pablo - Mark Bowden






Narconomics: How To Run A Drug Cartel - Tom Wainwright






Send More Idiots - Tony Perez-Giese





Señor Vivo And The Coca Lord - Louis de Bernieres





Shantytown - Cesar Aira





Sofrito - Phillippe Diederich





Tales From The Town Of Widows - James Cañón






Tequila Oil - Hugh Thomson






The Cocaine Diaries - Paul Keany w/ Jeff Farrell






Tropical Animal - Pedro Juan Gutierrez






The Dark Bride - Laura Restrepo






Marching Powder - Rusty Young






The Gringo Trail - Mark Mann






Brazillionaires - Alex Cuadros






Nemesis - Mischa Glenny






Rage - Sergio Bizzio






Mad Outta Me Head - Colin Post






Hopscotch - Julio Cortazar






Epitaph Of A Small Winter - Machado de Assis


Delirio - Laura Restrepo




The Fruit Palace - Charles Nicholl




The Feast of the Goat - Mario Vargas Llosa




Senselessness - Horacio Castellanos Moya



The Savage Detectives - Roberto Bolaño




God's Middle Finger - Richard Grant





Murder City - Charles Bowden




The Labyrinth of Solitude - Octavio Paz



The History of Panama - Robert C. Harding




The Conspiracy - Israel Centeno


Of course there are many more must-read books from Latin America; these are just a handful of the ones I liked.

Check a few out! And I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


Until next time,


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