The Best Cities For Meeting Girls In Peru


Hello again! Vance here to talk about girls in Peru. A worthwhile subject if there ever was one!

I've just returned from my second trip to this beautiful country, and although this time around I spent the majority of my time in Lima, during my first stint here I managed to check out a few more cities.

It truly is an incredibly beautiful country.

But, how are the women?

The quality of women in Peru is a contested topic on Internet travel forums. Some guys love their look, other guys want nothing to do with them.


Personally, I'm a fan.


While I still prefer Colombians and Brazilians, there's something about women in Peru that I'm drawn to. They're very sweet, and their personalities are far more palatable than Argentinians or Chileans.


If you're interested in checking out Peru and meeting some women, here are three cities I recommend.




Hit The Following Cities To Meet Girls In Peru


1) Lima

Lima is, without a doubt, the best city for meeting girls in Peru. The best looking women in the country are here (or Arequipa), and there are a plethora of cafes, parks and restaurants in which to meet them. I would suggest the districts of Barranco and Miraflores as the most favourable hunting grounds.

All that being said, Lima is a rather ugly metropolis. But on the upside, it does offer some of the continent's most amazing food and a respectable nightlife scene. Just don't expect it to be as modern as Mexico City or Buenos Aires.

On the whole, the women are a bit shyer here than they are in other Latin American capitals (and endearing quality if you ask me), but if you approach them respectfully and talk with them they are very warm and welcoming. Especially if you speak some Spanish - many of the tourists here do not.

If you're in to a more upscale nightlife scene, I'd recommend Gotica in Miraflores (UPDATE: NOW CLOSED). But expect to pay around $15 USD to get in. Also, there are a lot of very young girls in here, so be sure to check IDs before engaging in any naughty business!

If the hipster scene is more your style, check out Barranco. I'd suggest Help or Ayahuasca. Lima is far and away your best choice for Peruvian women.



2) Cusco

While Lima is you best option for meeting women in Peru, Cusco is your easiest option. Particularly if you're a white male. There is a "White God" complex with the women here that exceeds anything I have ever witnessed in Latin American countries. Quite literally, all you have to do is show up. The women here don't play head games or bail on meet-ups - if you get a number, there's a solid chance the girl will see you. No need to set up multiple dates on the same day to combat flaking like you'd have to do in Colombia.

I'd recommend either El Muki or BajoZero (if they're still's been awhile). BUT, if you really must get laid in Cusco and don't want to put in much effort, head to Mama Africa, a truly foul place full of tourists and home to many of Cusco's bricheras (i.e. easy local girls who love gringos).

However, if you opt for Cusco instead of Lima, you're going to sacrifice on quality. On the whole, girls in Lima are more attractive. Young women in Cusco rarely surpass 'average' in terms of sexiness. That being said, if your standards aren't too high, this just may be paradise for you. If you want easy girls, look no farther than Cusco.

(UPDATE: I've heard it's not as easy as it once was here...will have to verify this for myself soon)



3) Arequipa

I only spent one day in Arequipa several years ago, so don't take what I say as gospel. The reason I've included it on the list is because I got the most positive attention from females here. Now this could be pure coincidence, but there are a few factors that suggest that it might be a pretty good place for meeting women.

Let me explain.

Arequipa is a big city, but not as touristy as Lima or Cusco. This means that you'll have both an exotic factor, and a decent number of nightlife venues to choose from (I went out here but I don't remember where). Also, being the second largest city in Peru, the girls probably aren't as conservative as in other parts of the country outside of Lima. But I don't know for sure - I didn't spend enough time here to figure that out. I wouldn't say women in Peru are known for partying, but Arequipa has a very respectable number of bars and nightclubs for a city of its size.

It is quite a beautiful city, though. If you're looking to do more than look for girls in Peru, this city is worth checking out for aesthetic purposes.


4) Chiclayo

Fun fact: many Peruvians say that the most attractive ladies in Peru come from Chiclayo. I disagree - I'd give that crown to women from Lima or Arequipa. Suppose it depends on your tastes. Still, I was pleasantly surprised after seeing what Cusco had to offer.

Chiclayo is a good choice because it was a solid nightlife scene and there are plenty scantily-clad girls walking the streets to motivate you to approach. Although it didn't strike me as particularly easy to hook-up (the girls were flirtatious, but I got the sense that they simply liked to play games), this city is still worth a look if you're looking for Peruvian girls.


5) Trujillo

Last is Trujillo. While this city has a reputation in the country for having some of the easiest girls in Peru, as a foreigner, you're not likely to notice any particular advantages. However, I've included in the list because the women here aren't too bad looking, and there are enough historical attractions in the city to make it worth a trip.


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And there you have it! 

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet.

I'm trying to develop a new direction for the blog where I focus less on women and more on personal experiences.

A byproduct of getting older, perhaps.

If there are any Peru experts out there, leave a comment! I'd be interested in knowing your thoughts.


Until next time,