12 Underrated Cities For Meeting Cute Mexican Girls


Ah, Mexico. Full of cute Mexican girls, great food and rich culture.

As late dictator Porfirio Diaz once said: "So far from God, so close to the United States."

That may be so, but I still love this place.

I suspect I've spent a total of three years here. That includes living in Mexico City for about 20 months, along with a handful of shorter stays in various parts of the country.

I've since concluded that Mexico is one of the most under-appreciated countries in Latin America. 

Mexican woman. Typical aesthetic in Central Mexico.

Mexican woman. Typical aesthetic in Central Mexico.

Aside from its stunning coastline and delicious food, two things for which it gets the credit it deserves, the country often has an unfair reputation regarding safety ("You're going to Mexico!? Don't get kidnapped!"), modernity ("Did you ride a donkey?") and natural beauty ("Mexico? There's only deserts and beaches").

Most people don't realize that Mexico City is more modern and safer than Bogota (just as cheap, too), and that Mexico is one of the most developed and well-connected countries in Latin America; its extensive road system and excellent domestic airlines means that you can easily travel to just about any part of the country you desire. 

The women in Mexico are also tremendously underrated.

While anyone familiar with the country will know that Guadalajara and Monterrey have a reputation for beautiful girls, most people are unaware of the numerous hidden gems in Mexico.

If you want to attract cute Mexican girls, here are the best lesser-known cities to do so.






12 Underrated Cities With Cute Mexican Girls


***In no particular order


12. Puebla - population: 1,434,062

While you're unlikely to find the local female population that attractive, Puebla makes the list because of its bar-scene. Cholula, a suburb right next to the city, is an excellent place to bar hop, with about 2 dozen bars all walking distance from each other. It even draws people from nearby Mexico City for a night of fun. If you're into the bar scene, Puebla is a very underrated destination for meeting women.



11. Cuernavaca - population: 338,650

Cuernavaca is another hugely underrated Mexican city. It's a popular destination among foreigners doing exchange programs in Mexico, and I certainly see why. Although it's a small city, it packs a punch. The party scene is strong, the weather is perfect year-round and the girls are surprisingly attractive for a city of its size. The word has got out on this place a bit (a lot more foreigners are now visiting and singing its praises), but it is still off the radar of most tourists. Its compact size and high student population make it a good place to meet some cute Mexican girls. Expect the ladies here to be short like in Mexico City, but in better shape.



10. Queretaro - population: 626,495

A short drive from Mexico City, Queretaro has many things going for it. First of all, it's one of the safest big cities in Mexico. Second, it's one of the most affluent cities in the country, meaning that infrastructure is good, streets are clean and the locals have money to spend. Third, the local girls are generally a bit more attractive on average than what you'll find in Mexico City. It's also a big enough metropolis that not everyone leaves once they hit their 20s - you'll find a good number of women between the ages of 20-30.

If you can't stand pollution, crowds or endless street noise, skip the capital and come here.



9. Durango - population: 518,709

                                 Traditional Mexican style

                                 Traditional Mexican style

What was once a city plagued by drug violence (we're talking severed heads left in the town square type of shit) is now a safe, and dare-I-say nice place to visit. Although I wasn't blown away by the city's tourist attractions, I was pleasantly surprised by the women. However, it's worth noting that you won't see many good ones walking during the day - you have to hit the bars/clubs on the weekend to find 'em.  PriveXamicalli and Hangar are three good options for nightlife.

Women in Durango have a notably lighter complexion than girls in the center or south of the country and are generally thinner and taller. They are friendly and will be genuinely curious as to what they fuck you are doing in their city.

One problem I noticed is that there aren't many 20-30 year olds running around. The female population is generally very young or middle-aged/older. Likely due to the fact that many head to Monterrey for university. This makes for a less ideal hunting ground than other cities on the list. Plenty of cute Mexican girls, but you'll need to be sure they're of age.



8. Leon - population: 1,238,962

Despite being one of Mexico's largest cities, Leon is very rarely visited by tourists. Makes sense, there isn't much reason to visit...unless you're looking for a safe city to hang out in and pick up women. There are a good number of universities here which means there are a good number of university students to game. The nightlife is pretty one-dimensional - you won't find much other than chain clubs like Barezzito and Prive - but the younger girls here love to party. For many of them, it will be the first time away from their parents so they tend to let loose.

Girls here have a lighter complexion than those in Mexico City, and their bodies are fairly good. That being said, with the horrendous Mexican diet and all the drinking, I expect the wall will hit hard and they will ballon in weight after about 30 years of age. 



7. Xalapa - population: 424,755

Drug violence has hit the state of Veracruz hard in recent years. Battles for territory that were once being fought along the border regions have moved down south. Asi es. This means that tourism is non-existent, so you'll definitely be a novelty if you head down here. The women are a bit more forward and sexual than in much of Mexico (it's on the Caribbean, after all), which is always a good thing. Attractiveness is very hit and miss. The wealthier girls are among some of the country's best. But the local average is rather low. If you're into gals with darker complexions, this is the state in Mexico that mixed with Africans the most. A lot of locals have a bit of black in 'em.



6. Culiacan - population: 905,265

Culiacan...where even the traffic police are sexy!

Culiacan...where even the traffic police are sexy!

The state of Sinaloa is famous throughout Mexico for its women. And its capital, Culiacan, is largely to thank for this reputation. The girls in Culiacan are distinct from the rest of the country - their bodies are the best, hands down. It's kind of like they airlifted a handful of girls from Medellin, Colombia and dropped them into this one specific Mexican city. Due to the narco-culture, women take their beauty seriously. In other parts of the country, plastic surgery is more or less confined to the face, or the occasional boob job. Here, you'll see girls with fake asses, just as you would in Colombia or Venezuela. Faces are hit or miss. Can't win 'em all.

Only problem with visiting Culiacan as a tourist is the narco culture. If you roll into this city and stick around for awhile, it is generally assumed that you're there to buy drugs, or you're a narc. This, and you have to be careful who you hit on. More than a few women here will have some association, however loose, with the cartel. Also, if you're a foreigner rolling with cute Mexican girls, I could see you getting some flak from the local dudes. Sinaloa has a pretty obnoxious and macho culture.



5. Chihuahua - population: 809,232

Some truly gorgeous women are hiding away in Chihuahua. Not many travellers know this, because not many travellers go. There was a decent amount of European settlement in this part of Mexico, so you'll find that the women here are taller, have lighter skin and even green and blue eyes. And for those of you who don't go to Mexico to hit on white women, don't worry - there are still plenty of mestizas.

A good thing about Chihuahua is that it's a rather large city, but it's not really close to any other major metropolis. This means that you won't get an exodus of college-aged girls like what happens in Durango.

And for any Americans reading this, Chihuahua is basically a straight-shot from El Paso, Texas. You can make the drive in a little under 5 hours.



4. Mexicali - population: 689,775

Cassandra Chen. Chinese/Mexican

Cassandra Chen. Chinese/Mexican

Definitely a sleeper choice. On most fronts, Mexicali is an unpleasant city. It's one of the ugliest and hottest in the country, with temperatures regularly exceeding 40 degrees Celsius in the summer months. But the women - man, the women are impressive. I've been to this border city twice and was blown away by the number of sexy girls. Much, much better than in Calexico, which lies on the American side. That, and it's a bit of a sin city. If strip clubs are your thing, you'll find no shortage. And if you're a gringo that speaks Spanish, you'll be a huge novelty.

There is also a noticeable Chinese population here, so if the Chinese/Mexican mix is something you're into, there is no better place in the country. This photo will give you an idea of what that mix looks like.



3. Morelia - population: 597,511

Morelia. Not only underrated as a destination to meet cute Mexican girls, but also as a destination in general. The city is beautiful, with impressive colonial architecture. It's quite safe as well (unfortunately, the same can't be said for the rest of the state). There is an abundance of young, attractive women, and they like to have a good time. Since most tourists don't make it here, or if they do, they don't stay long, if you base up here for a couple months I'm willing to bet you'll be in heaven. Although the female population isn't quite at Monterrey or Guadalajara levels, they make up for it by having much more pleasant personalities.



2. Hermosillo - population: 715,061

OK, so I haven't actually been here yet. But, I have it on good authority from a handful of people I know and trust that this city is chalked full of beauties. That, and almost every girl I've met from Sonora has been hot. I've also tried my little tinder location hack and I was far from disappointed. Again, this would be a good place to go if you're into taller girls with lighter complexions. From what I understand, the city is safe with a high standard of living and it has a strong nightlife scene. 

I wish I could say more. Hopefully I make it there in 2018.



1. Aguascalientes - population: 722,250

This city is only known in Mexico for one thing: the San Marcos National Fair, which, if I'm not mistaken, is the biggest fair in the country. For those unfamiliar with Mexican fairs, they are basically massive street parties that last for weeks. During this time, Aguascalientes is completely full of Mexican tourists. You have to book motels about a month in advance.

This fair is probably the best opportunity the country offers for meeting Mexican girls. With all the alcohol flowing and partying happening, that shouldn't surprise you.

What might surprise you, however, is the amazing quality of the local women. If you stick around after the fair, you'll find local bars full of cute Mexican girls. Not only that, but they are some of the sweetest I've ever met. If I was wife hunting in Mexico, this would be the city I'd head to. It's relaxed, safe and is full of good, honest people. 






And there you have it, folks! If you're looking to get off the beaten path to meet cute Mexican girls, these are the cities I'd recommend you visit.

If you really want to succeed in these cities, you'll need to know some Spanish. English is not spoken nearly as widely as it is in Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey.



Thanks for listening! And if you have any other Mexican cities you'd recommend, feel free to post them in the comments below.




Until next time,


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