The Best YouTube Videos About Latin America


Hey folks,

As a diehard Latin America enthusiast, I've spent countless hours digging through YouTube looking for some decent content on the region.

It's surprisingly hard to find anything good - most of the vids are either female vloggers, generic BuzzFeed-type videos that aren't informative or boring university lectures.

But over the years I've found some gems, and I'm happy to share those with you today. Whether you're interesting in travelling, working or studying in Central or South America, these videos should give you a better idea of what things are like down here.

For you're convenience, I've sorted the videos by region as best I could, and also have provided the YouTube link for when the embedded videos inevitably get removed.

This is a work in progress; I'll add more videos as I find them.



Mexico & Central America


Planet Kapow -

Some Aussie friends quit their jobs and take a massive trip from the Mexican border all the way down to Peru.



Mexico City's Spirited Style

A look at Mexico City's fashion scene.



DBC Pierre's Guide To Mexico City

Enfant terrible author DBC Pierre's guide to his former hometown: Mexico City. Funny and informative - I'd love to get a beer with this guy.


Munchies: Oaxaca

Explore Oaxaca, Mexico and its vibrant food scence with Daniel Hernandez of Vice.



Mexico City: Fun For An American?

A decent little walking tour of the neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma, two of the most popular neighborhoods in Mexico City for foreigners.



Guadalajara Lifestyle

For those of you who aren't into massive cities, Guadalajara is an excellent place to live in Mexico. This short video showcases it's modernity...and some of the women.


Meth & Madness In Mexico

Decent little documentary about drugs & crime south of the border.



Narco Bling

A good look into the criminal extravagance in Mexico from Mariana van Zeller, one of my favorite female reporters. Watch for her again in the Brazil section.




In Transit - Mexico & Central America -

Peter Bragiel takes an epic trip from Los Angeles to Panama city using only overland transportation.

Costa Rica - La Pura Vida

A video about a guy who left everything to become and expat in Costa Rica. He now runs a sucessful eco-tourism business.


Panama City, Panama

Jubril Agoro has some excellent travel videos (and an inspiring story as an Internet entreprenuer). This video on Panama City is no exception. I'll link some more of his vids later down in the list.






Cost of Living in Medellin

Jubril Agoro is back on the list. This time, talking about the cost of living in Medellin.



Why Live In Colombia?

The Brofessor is a great source of information about Colombia. He tells it like it is and covers a great deal of topics as an expat in Colombia.


What to Do in Medellin

A well-produced video from the New York Times on what to do with 36 hours in Medellin.



Colombian Fashion Week

A look into the obsession with beauty in Colombia. The host of this program is intolerable, but there's lot's of sexy Colombian women. You take the good with the bad.






Inside Rio's Favelas -

A well-shot report on what's going down in Rio's favelas.



City of God, Guns and Gangs

Mariana van Zeller back on the list with excellent reporting from the slums of Rio.



Sao Paulo: The most underrated city in the world

Great 10 minute video. A glance into Brazil's biggest city of Sao Paulo.



This is Brazil: Curitiba & Belo Horizonte -

Unfortunately, this Australian program is no longer running. Was a great one though.

Fernanda de Paula gives us a look at her home country.


This Is Brazil: Sao Paulo & Fortaleza

Fernanda de Paula back again. This time to gives us an overview on Sao Paulo and Fortaleza.


Scam City: Rio de Janeiro

Scam city heads to Rio de Janeiro





Everywhere Else

Cuba Prostitution

The Travel Bum heads to Cuba in a thoughtful, entertaining and well shot documentary.


A Taste of Lima

Breaking Borders does some eating in Peru's Capital.




Hola To Havana

Peter Bragiel from InTransit heads to Havana, Cuba.


What to do in Buenos Aires

The New York Times' 36 hours in Buenos Aires.



Street Fashion in Santiago, Chile

The street fashion scene in Chile's capital.



Quick City Overview: Santiago, Chile

Some great shots of one the most developed Latin American cities.



Latin America Rising: Paraguay

One of the few decent YouTube programs about this relatively unknown South American country.




And there you have it!

This should be enough to get you started. I'll be updating this list in the coming weeks to add more titles, so stayed tuned!


All the best,


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