The Brave New Future Of My Latin Life

Happy Sunday!

Vance here.

And I’ve got an announcement.

But, before we jump into that, I want to take a few lines and thank ya’ll.

When I started My Latin Life a few years back, I never imagined it’d grow into what it is today. Although by all accounts I’m still a small fish in the blogging world, the fact that I reach more than 30,000 different people a month and over twice that amount of page views is pretty dandy as far as I’m concerned.

And I’ve got some good goddamned readers!

Some of you have been with me from the start. When the blog was nothing more than a handful of poorly organized and colorfully written city guides and incendiary posts about dating and relationships.

I’ve communicated with a lot of you, met a few of you and appreciate all of you.

Know that.

And also know that I love writing for you guys.

That said, it’s not all sugar and spice these days over here at My Latin Life.

You see, my viewership and page views are declining. And not by an insignificant margin.

After consistently hitting over 80,000 page views a month at the beginning of 2018, a couple months ago, things started to slide. First to 74,000 a month, then to 71,000 and, finally, last month, to 63,000.

Now, I have a few theories for why this is happening.

Could be Google’s algorithm, which changes frequently, and can knock sites down in rankings for one reason or another.

Could be that I stopped writing about women and dating Latinas. My articles about dating in Latin America are by far the most viewed on my blog. By nature, it’s interesting content, and also I’m quite good at sniping keywords related to that type of stuff.

But, alas, I’ve grown weary of the topic.

I’ve never been much one to over intellectualize sex and relationships. People are people. Women are women. Learn some Spanish, analyze and observe the culture and go out there and get yours! There are shortcuts, but there are no secret “hacks,” and no two women are exactly alike.

While I won’t stop writing about women and dating completely, I simply have much less to say on the subject than before.

Finally, it could be that people simply don’t want to read long articles anymore. Especially long articles without fancy graphics or other sorts of interactive content.

This is my leading theory, and it’s something I’ve known to be true for quite awhile now. As someone who strictly writes, I’m a bit of a dinosaur in this blogging world. I haven’t done YouTube videos, I haven’t done Podcasts, I haven’t shared many photos and I haven’t made much use of social media platforms. And, while I like to think that sticking strictly to words has helped me curate a slightly more insightful and refined readership, it certainly hasn’t done me any favors in terms of popularity.

And these days, with all the stimuli available, people’s attention spans are worse and people are reading less and less.

No hate. It just…is.

Enough Horseplay. What Is Your Announcement?

I know what you might be thinking.

And no, I’m not shutting down the blog!

I don’t reckon I’ll ever do that.

But, I will be stoking “My Latin Life” in a different direction.

This little monster I’ve created, I’ve been thinking about where I want to take her; what I want her to become.

I’ve done some introspection, guys.

And here’s what I’ve come up with.

Moving forward, here are five things that you can expect more of from this blog.

1. More Curated Content.

I know how this sounds. But, before you start shaking your head in disgust, I’m not talking about BuzzFeed type stuff. I’m talking about genuinely interesting, but hard-to-find content about Latin America (like my 100 Best Blogs About Latin America post). My reason for doing more of this is simple: it’s nearly impossible to find good content about Latin America all in one place. I don’t know of a single website that does this well (REMEZCLA tries, but it fails to leave politics out of it…and it makes EVERYTHING about race and gender).

So, I’ll bear the burden. You want to see the coolest vintage photos from Bogota, Colombia? Or the best movies from Venezuela. You come to me. Because I’ll curate the fuck out of that shit.

That’s the plan, at least.

2. More Activity Across Social Media Platforms

I’ve been sleeping on social media. Although I’ve recently taken to Twitter (mostly to make jokes and shitpost with fellow Latin American enthusiasts - should out to @comandante if you’re reading. But aside from that, I haven’t really touched it for this blog.

Seriously. My Facebook page has about 75 followers.

Do me a favor and throw me a like. I could use it.

Specifically, I’ll be going harder on Facebook and Pinterest to try and reach some new people. I know there are many people like myself out there that are interested in Latin America.

I just have to find them.

3. More Posts

I’ve been posting once a week for some time now. I’m going to increase that to 2-3 times a week.

Don’t worry. The quality of the posts won’t decrease. But the length will. As I mentioned before, people simply aren’t reading long blog posts any more (I’ve checked the stats).

Expect posts to be an eclectic mix of personal stories, opinion pieces, current events and curated list-type articles. I’ll also be posting more about how to make money online/in Latin America and tips on how to relocate to Latin America.

4. More Pictures

And more pictures! How great is that? I’ve always been horrid at remembering to take pictures, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to pull out my ol’ Android and snap some shots of Mexico City for you guys.

And (hopefully) of some other places.

More on that later.

5. More of Vance (your humble author)

Finally, more of me. A few photos here and there, and more of my musings and experiences. I’ll let my personality shine a bit more, friends. If nothing else, it’ll make things around here more interesting.

I promise you that.

And, speaking of me…

What About You, Vance? What Will YOU be Doing?

Well, my time/money balance has recently swayed more in the time category. In a somewhat bold, perhaps premature move, I very recently dropped one of my freelancing clients. That, with the somewhat recent end of my e-commerce business, means that I’ll actually be making a few thousand dollars less each month than I was a short year ago.

For awhile, at least.

But, not to worry, I’m still not going to go broke down here in Latin America.

I’m not worried - I…well, OK I’m a little worried, but let’s just say I did what needed to be done by ditching the client.

And I’ve got a little passive income dripping in each month, as well as a few additional writing gigs that pay decently.

Although I’m not as flush with cash I am more flush with father time - my freelance commitments now only amount to maybe 30 hours per week.

So, here’s my plan.

I want to get traveling more, friends. Keep my base here in Mexico City, but hit that road every 3 months or so.

But none of this backpacker, visit-a-different-country-every-week nonsense.

The idea is to get to know 1-3 other cities well. Kind of like I came to know Lima and Mexico City.

And these cities will be pretty obscure. As of now, I have my eye on two cities in Central America, and/or two cities in South America.

I’ve got some narrowing down to do.

In order to execute this plan, I have to readjust my finances.

Specifically, I gotta be earning more of that passive income; making money through the computer.

I’ve got a figure in mind for where I want to be as far as passive income goes. It’s attainable. Should take less than a year to get there. It’ll require some guesswork and earning less money for awhile, but the result will be worth it.

And that’s that.

Use my new-found free time to develop some more passive income, keep my base in beautiful Mexico City and spend a couple months a year in two other LatAm cities.

Bringing you that sweet, new content along the way.


There you go, folks.

All this probably doesn’t sound too dramatic to you, but I feel a big change afoot.

The last time I had this feeling, I ended up with an e-commerce store in Latin America.

Hopefully this time around is just as intoxicating.

Thanks for listening.

Until next time,


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