Ecuadorian Girls: Uncovering the Mystery

Ecuadorian girls are seriously underrepresented on the Internet.

Whereas you can find a plethora of information about Colombia, Mexican or Brazilian women on Google, Ecuadorian women seem to have slipped under the radar.

I'm here to change that.

Today, we're going to talk a little bit about the country of Ecuador. As the title suggests, girls will be the main focus, but we'll also go over cost of living, what the cities are like, whether it's worth visiting etc. 

If you've ever thought about travelling here (or, if you simply want to know if it's worth travelling to Ecuador), this post will help.

Let's get it going.




Why So Little Information?

I've got a couple theories on why there isn't much information about Ecuadorian women on the web.


First of all, it has the geographic misfortune of being located between two extremely popular South American destinations: Peru and Colombia. Peru is visited by scores of tourists each year due to Machu Picchu and, more recently, due to its culinary scene. Colombia has been obsessed over by popular travel outlets such as International Living as the new "cool" destination for Western travellers, and is wildly popular among digital nomads and sex tourists for its affordability and sexy women.

But Ecuador? Well, the food isn't great, the cost of living isn't low, there's no Machu Picchu and the women, well, who can compete with Colombians? It's not surprising that the country gets overlooked.

Second, Ecuador is more of an adventurer traveller's destination - there is tons of good hiking, river rafting, mountain climbing and mountain biking in this country. Peru and Colombia (although also offering plenty of the aforementioned) are frequented more often by men that are looking for hot and/or easy women.

Therefore, more info ends up on the Internet about these places.

Is what it is.

So, leave it to me, your degenerate saviour, to fill the Ecuadorian-girl gap.

But first, a few observations about the country.




Ecuador Observations

Ecuador is a tough place to figure out. First off, you had its previous socialist pseudo-dictator, Rafael Correa, supporting Venezuela and offering to protect Julian Assange to piss off the USA. He's gone now and was replaced by what was supposed to be little more than a puppet leader, but who turned out to be way more market-friendly and way less Rafael Correa-friendly then he let on.

The cost of living is another confusing bit. The country has a smaller economy than neighbouring Colombia and Peru, yet it's quite a bit more expensive. Socialism is to thank for that, I suppose, among other factors. But I wasn't expecting it. You constantly hear about how cheap Ecuador is - and indeed it used to be - but it isn't true in 2018.

Also, things are eerily quiet in the capital, Quito. I mean this literally. The city apparently has over 1.6 million people...I don't know where the fuck they all are! I've never been to a city so big that feels so...sleepy. Even Friday and Saturday night in Plaza Foch are strangely dead. Sundays are a ghost town in practically all areas of the city. Guayaquil has more of a normal vibe in this respect. It is a much bigger city, so 'tis to be expected.

Hunter S. Thompson once said that Quito had a "tomb-like dullness." 

I completely agree.

Also, I didn't find the people in this country particularly friendly. I don't mind this, as long as people are rude or hurtful to me, I'm cool. However, don't expect the same welcoming warmness of people in Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua or Brazil. Aside from cities on the coast (including Guayaquil), Ecuadorians seem a whole lot more serious than other Latinos.

Keep in mind, I wasn't in Ecuador long. I could be completely off about all this. If I am, say so in the comments. But I find my first impressions generally serve me well.

Now, let's talk a bit about the girls.




What Are Ecuadorian Girls Like?


Physically, girls from Ecuador aren't going to blow you away with their looks. In that sense, this isn't some sort of undiscovered paradise. If we're talking about the whole country, I'd say the women are about the same quality as what you'll find in Peru. That being said, the quality of the girls in Lima is better than what you'll find in Guayaquil or Quito.

One interesting thing I found was that, In Ecuador, the quality of the women are better on the coast than they are inland, which isn't particularly common in South America.

Personality-wise, they're quite friendly and open to meeting foreigners. Perhaps not as much as Peruvians, but more so than, say, Chileans or Argentines.

I did notice, however, that they aren't the easiest to hook-up with. From my experience, your much better off in Peru or Colombia if you're looking for easier pickings. However, if you're looking for something more serious, Ecuadorian girls seem like a solid choice - it just doesn't seem like that slutty of a country!

In short, I wasn't extremely impressed, nor disappointed. Although the women weren't particularly memorable looks-wise, I don't really have any complaints.




The Best Places To Meet Them

If you're debating on what part of the country to travel to in order to meet Ecuadorian women, I'll save you some time:

Go to Guayaquil.

Then, if you like, continue along the coast for some partying in Montañita. Maybe check out Manta if you've got the time. 

As for Quito? Well, it's not a bad option, but the culture there seems a tad more conservative than in Guayaquil. You'll also find much more nightlife, action and hotter local Ecuadorians in Guayaquil than you will in Quito.

Trade off being that Quito is a much more picturesque and safer city.

In short, if girls are not a major focus of your trip and you'd like to do some sightseeing, skip Guayaquil and head to Quito. If you're just after women (you naughty bastard!), then set aside a few days for Guayaquil.

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Is It Worth The Trip?

If you're looking for hot, easy women, then no, Ecuador is not worth the trip. However, if you're looking to spend time in a gorgeous country with plenty of natural beauty and outdoor activities (which is the primary reason I've spent time here) then Ecuador is one of the best countries in Latin America to visit. The geography is stunning, the colonial architecture in Quito and Cuenca is inspiring and its good roads and bus systems make it an easy country to get around.

If you're doing a South America jaunt, it would be a shame to skip out on this small Andean country.






Alright, friends.

I hope I've helped shed some light on Ecuadorian girls.

Again, not the best in the region, but certainly nothing to complain about.

Any thoughts, comments or experiences you'd like to share? Post them in the comments below!

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And, as always, until next time.