Instagram Accounts Of Venezuela: Caracas Edition

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!

Today I'll be talking about some worthwhile Instagram accounts to follow from Venezuela, more specifically, Caracas.

Why Venezuela?

Well, it's a place not many people are going to go. Due to the political situation, crime rates are extremely high, inflation makes it a headache to buy anything and protests make it difficult to get around. Venezuelans are fleeing the country en-masse, and many airlines have stopped flying to the country altogether.

It's a shame. Both for Venezuelans, and for tourists wanting to explore the country.

In many ways, Caracas would be the perfect city for a Latin American enthusiast like myself. It's got a sizeable population, it's less than an hour away from the beach, it has (well, had...) a vibrant nightlife scene and is chalked full of gorgeous women

Although I managed to visit before things got really bad, there was still an eerie, depressing vibe to the metropolis - I got the sense that the city was a mere shell of what it once was. Even so, I was impressed by the architecture, epic, sprawling avenues and geography of the place - in another life, perhaps the city would have been a decent fit for me, and I'd live out my days on a leafy boulevard, sipping coffee on a balcony while keeping an eye out for macaws.


With Caracas now being a no-go zone for tourists, the only way to experience it safely is through photos. Fortunately for us, there are a number of talented photographers that capture the vibe and atmosphere of the capital.

Here are a few of them.




My Favorite Instagrammers From Caracas


...And that's about it!

A handful of instagrammers that are snapping photos of Caracas these days. If you don't want to risk your skin by actually going there, these accounts are the next best thing to get a visual of the city.

I hope you've enjoyed.

...Now, go follow some of these talented people!



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