My Favorite Cities To Meet Girls In Brazil


If you follow the site, you may have noticed I don't write much on girls in Brazil.

Or, on Brazil in general for that matter.

This isn't because I didn't like it - quite the contrary, I thought it was an incredible country and culture.

The truth is that I didn't really figure the place out. I didn't speak Portuguese and it was near the end of my trip, so I was burned out. I rushed around the country just to tick some cities off my boxes, but I didn't make much of an effort to get stuck into the culture (I did meet many amazing people, though).

All that said, I did notice that certain cities were more conducive to meeting women than others.

Initially, I figured I wasn't knowledgable enough to write an article on the best cities to meet girls in Brazil, I wasn't in the country very long, and I didn't speak the local language, after all.

But then I realized something: that will be the reality of most travellers' experience.

So, I figured why not pen an article. Maybe it'll help someone out.

Keep in mind, this is based on my own limited experience, so take it for what you will.

Let's get it going.




Good Cities To Meet Girls in Brazil


5. Sao Paulo

As the biggest city in the Americas, there is obviously no shortage of attractive Brazilian women in Sao Paulo. That in itself makes it an excellent place to meet girls in Brazil. You'll find women of all kinds here. Black, Japanese, White, Indigenous and everything in between.

There is ample selection both in terms of nightlife, and online dating.

So, why is it only number 5!?

Well, the game here is tough, folks. The city attracts the top-tier people from Brazil. There's a ton of competition if you're a guy. Also, as a foreigner, you're nothing special in Sao Paulo. It's kind of like Buenos Aires in that sense - even though there aren't a ton of foreigners around, the locals could really care less. So, no exotic factor for you!

Luckily, I had a friend in the city who showed me around and introduced me to some people, but that didn't stop me from getting blown out a couple times by the local girls.

In short, good quality, plenty of options, but hard to meet.




4. Salvador

Salvador, Bahia. A seriously cool city. It has a warm vibe and energy that's hard to find anywhere else. Reminded me of Havana, Cuba in that sense.

If you're looking to meet women in Brazil, you could do a lot worse than Salvador. The city has a high black/mulatto population and you'll see some of the most gorgeous black women in the country here. They're also fun and sexual - no room for prudes in this city!

However, two things put a bit of a damper on Salvador: crime and prostitution.

It's a city where you have to watch your back; a place where you never feel entirely at ease. Also, there are many covert and not-so-covert prostitutes hanging around locals bars. If you're a white foreigner, expect to get hassled. A lot.

In short, responsive, attractive women, but a dangerous city with prostitutes.

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3. Natal

Natal was one of my favorite cities. Not too big, not to small (well, perhaps a bit...we'll get to that later) friendly people, somewhat safe by Brazilian standards, which isn't saying much, but still!

Approaching women here, I was received pretty well...even had myself a hook-up! People are a little more chill and less, um, Feminist than in Rio (we'll get to that, too).

Downsides? Well, the women weren't quite as attractive as in other Brazilian cities. Not bad by any means, but not quite up to par. That, and prostitution is relatively common here. This is an issue in Northeast Brazil in general - and as a foreigner, it's a tough thing to dodge. Furthermore, the city might be a tad small for some. You'd run the chance of running into girls you've hooked-up with.




2. Rio de Janeiro

Obviously, Rio makes the list. How could it not!? The women are stunning, scantily clad and very warm and welcoming. Nightlife is very good (although not as "crazy" as you might expect...I saw naughtier dancing in Cuba and Colombia than I did here) and the beach makes for an excellent place to meet women.

Overall, there's just an incredibly sexual and fun vibe to the place and people. It's an impossible city to be depressed in.

But, it's not perfect. First of all, as a foreigner, you score zero points. I think the World Cup ruined any shred of reputation non-Brazilians may have had. Second, the women can be surprisingly feminist. I got wrapped up in a few annoying conversations about empowerment and men being shit. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, of course, but I'm no fan of being unfairly lectured because I was born a male. Anyway, this shocked me. After the first time, I was willing to chalk it up to an anomaly, but then it happened again.

And then again...

Also, the women are not easy. You'll find you can rack up make-outs and hook-ups pretty easily, but when it comes to one night stands, they just aren't that common here. I tell folks that Brazil isn't Mexico or Colombia - if you want to bed girls in Brazil, you will need to put forth some time and effort.




1. Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte. I loved this city, the people are friendly, the women are stunning and the city is, for the most part, very pleasant. While I wouldn't say that it's safe, it's generally easier to stay safe here than in other cities in Brazil. Whereas in Rio you can become a victim of crime any time, any place, in Belo Horizonte, if you stay out of certain areas of town, you should be more or less alright.

There are a number of bars around Praça da Savassi, and they are filled with beautiful, friendly women who are interested by foreigners. At least in my experience.

With a population of around 2.5 million, this city is the perfect size. It won't swallow you up like Sao Paulo, but it's not so small that you're going to be running into the same people all the time.

It's got everything you'd want in a city at a much lower cost than Rio, awesome welcoming people an incredible climate.

And, did I mention the beautiful women?

Belo Horizonte takes the number one spot for my favorite cities to meet girls in Brazil.





Well, that's about it, folks.

Like I said, I'm no expert. There were many cities I didn't get a chance to visit.

But these were the places where I was received the best/had the most experience with girls in Brazil.

Again, take it for what you will, but I suspect you're findings won't be too far from mine if you plan to travel to this beautiful country.


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Thanks for listening