Your Colombian Cupid Review: 2019 Edition

Hello, gentlemen! It's time for your 2019 Colombian Cupid review.

If you're familiar with the site, you'll know that I recommend Colombian Cupid a lot.

It's an excellent service, and I truly believe it is one of the best ways to meet Colombian women, both inside and outside of the country.

However, although CC used to have a huge market share, other apps have since exploded in popularity down here in South America: Bumble, Badoo and Tinder, to name a few.

This begs the question:

Is Colombian Cupid still the best online dating site for Colombia?

Let's find out.

Read on for this year's Colombian Cupid review!




An Overview

So, how does it work?

Fortunately, Colombian Cupid is quite intuitive. It has an incredibly simple user interface.

Enter your name and email address to sign up for an account (completely confidential), answer some questions about who you are and what you're looking for, upload some photos and voila! 

You're set to go.

The homepage looks like this.


After signing up, you'll be able to browse thousands of Colombian girls. I mean, literally thousands.

You'll never run out.

However, there's a small catch...

Although it's free to sign up, in order to send messages and respond to those you've received (and you WILL receive messages immediately), you'll need to pay.

It's a small fee, and the return on investment is well worth it, but I understand it will be a turn off for some.

I suggest signing up for a free account and thoroughly browsing the site before deciding to open your wallet.

I don't want to bullshit you with this Colombian Cupid review and tell you to dive in without doing research.

Nah. Take your sweet time browsing the free account before you decide on anything.




The Competition

No Colombian Cupid review would be complete without mentioning the competition.

So, who are the other main players in online dating in Colombia?

Well, there are two primary ones: Tinder and Badoo

Let's talk about them, shall we?





Tinder is perhaps the best-known dating app in the world.

And it works incredibly well for meeting women in Colombia.

Tinder has a ton of users, and boasts the most attractive women out of any dating app in Colombia (in my opinion). It's definitely worth signing up for an account.

However, it's not without its flaws. Although it has tons of users, a huge percentage of them will either be inactive, or using the app for self-promotion. You'll see a lot of "Follow me on Instagram" descriptions on Tinder.

These girls will never respond to messages, let alone meet with anyone.

Another problem is that, because the app is free, it's not taken as seriously by its users. You'll be pursuing a lot of false leads before you find someone willing to meet you for that drink or dinner date.

If you only have a period time in the country, you're not going to have time to deal with this flakiness.

On Colombian Cupid, this is much less of an issue - for the most part, girls who respond to your messages are anxious to meet-up. They understand that that is, indeed, the point of the service.

Final thoughts: Use both. But invest your time in Colombian Cupid before Tinder. Use Tinder casually, like when you're waiting for a taxi or using the bathroom.





Badoo will be your other top choice for online dating in Colombia.

It's the worst of the three.

The quality of the women are lower and there are a lot of fake profiles you'll have to sift through.

The reason it makes the list is simply because it's one of the dating apps here that has the most users. But this is largely due to its past success expanding into Colombia. With Colombian Cupid and Tinder taking over, Badoo has pretty much died.

That said, feel free to give it a try. Just don't pay for any upgraded account, because it is far from worth your money.




What Is The Best Dating Service in Colombia Today?

I would say it's a tie.

A tie between Tinder and Colombian Cupid.

It's much easier to meet women and hook-up with them on Colombian Cupid, but I'd say that Tinder has more attractive women (a matter of opinion).

Also, the free version of Tinder is much more generous than the free version of Colombian Cupid - you can be completely fine using Tinder for free (unless you want to meet girls before you arrive in the country...for that you will need to shell out money for Tinder Plus).

In short, Colombian Cupid is much, much more efficient and easier than Tinder, but Tinder has prettier girls and can be free.

I opt for Colombian Cupid while in the country simply because I hate wasting time on false leads. However, if you're staying for a few months in the country, you might not find this to be as big as an issue.




Will Colombian Cupid Work For Everyone?


As a young man, I had smashing success on Colombian Cupid. And I saw my older friends (40+) kill it as well...sometimes even more so than myself.

I will say that Colombian Cupid has more women in the 25-35 range, whereas Tinder is mostly the 18-25 range. Initially, I thought Tinder would be my go-to because it served my age demographic at the time, but I soon realized how many of the girls on the app were time-wasters. 

In a matter of about a week, Colombian Cupid became my go-to, and I made a lot of incredible memories because of it.

If you're 30 or above, and don't mind women your own age or slightly younger. Use Colombian Cupid instead of Tinder.




Final Thoughts On This Year's Colombian Cupid Review

Alright, so I didn't get into the nitty gritty of using Colombian Cupid, but it's incredibly simple to use. I didn't see much point getting into the technical details.

I just wanted to tell you that, yes, it does still work in 2019. And it works exceptionally well.

But everybody's different.

I won't sit here and say that it blows away Tinder, because it doesn't. It really depends what your goals are, how long you have in the country, your tastes, your level of patience etc.

What I can tell you, though, is that you can't go too wrong by using both.

And that's about it!

Short and sweet. Just how I like it.


If you want to try Colombian Cupid for free to start, you can check it out here.



Hope you've enjoyed this Colombian Cupid review.



As always,

Until next time.