Do You Want To Make Money Online And Travel Latin America?

Have you ever thought how nice it might be to make money from your laptop while living in Latin America?

Imagine yourself in a penthouse overlooking a bustling city, or relaxing in secluded beach abode, earning in dollars but spending in pesos, soles or reales.

Setting your own hours. Knowing you can party ‘til 6am at a reggaeton club because you can start your day’s work whenever you please; or being able to take a few days off on a whim for a rejuvenating excursion in the Andes.

If you’ve read my blog, perhaps such things have crossed your mind.

As for me? Before I managed to make a living online, making a living online was all I could think about.

So much so, that in 2015 I jumped the gun and was living by the skin of my teeth in Mexico City.

the first place I rented in Mexico City…memories.

the first place I rented in Mexico City…memories.

In fact, here’s a photo of the first place I rented south of the border.

$300 USD a month…aka. half of my salary at the time.

Discouraging. At first, I didn’t think I was cut out for it.

The few people I knew working online had very specific experience. Photo editing, coding, graphic design…

I didn’t have any of that.

Sure, I did well in school, but my skills were all “soft”. I drifted towards the arts instead of the hard sciences, and my work experience was all over the map (labor jobs, sales, cook, etc.)

In other words, I thought I was the last guy who’d ever be able to make a dime online.

So, when Jake asked me to review his course Content 2 Cash — a course that teaches you how to make money online through nothing more than the written word — I was happy to do it.

It seemed like a good way to prove to some fellow technically-inept Latin America enthusiasts that it is indeed possible to fund their travels or life in Latin America with nothing more than an Internet connection and talents they likely already possess.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Well, it is…in a way.

See, writing has a low barrier to entry.

Anyone can do it.

If you can scribble a Facebook or WhatsApp message, you’re technically writing. But coding a website? Well, not anyone can do that.

The good news?

There are very few skilled writers out there. So, if you write well, you’re already in an extremely favourable position to take advantage of this course.

However, even if you’re a good writer, you may not know how to write words that compel people to buy a product or service.

Jake’s course teaches you how to do this. Writing to make money isn’t difficult if you follow his set of rules.

Not only that, there are no start-up costs associated with making money through writing, aside from a computer and an internet connection, which I assume most of you already pay for anyway.

  • Building a website isn’t necessary.

  • Fancy software isn’t necessary.

  • Microsoft Word isn’t even necessary!

I don’t normally do this, but I’m going to talk numbers with you.

The blog you’re reading right now — my blog: My Latin Life, makes $1500-$2000 USD each month in passive income. 100% from the written word.

Jake’s course teaches you how to make money with blogs like this one — and also teaches you how you can make money through freelancing, emails, social media, savvy marketing techniques, and many more avenues.

But, before I reveal the content of the course, let’s talk a bit about this Jake fellow.

Introducing Jake: Who Is He?

Jake. He’s the course creator.

Who the f*ck is he and why should you listen, you ask?

Well, maybe I identify with him because Jake’s story is eerily similar to my own.

When Jake first started making money online, he was struggling. Like, not-being-able-to-pay-$400-rent-in-Colombia-type struggling. And, like me, he didn’t come from a computer or technical background (he sold copiers and printers in the United States before getting into the online game).

✔️Struggling to pay rent in foreign lands ✔️No technical expertise ✔️Working sales in his home country

Yep. All things I can certainly relate to.

Like myself, he’s also a fellow Latin America enthusiast. Since like attracts like, we found each other on social media years back, and have met up in person a few times this year over some mezcal.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, having known Jake for a few years now, I’ve been able to see his trajectory from earning just enough money online to get by in third world countries, to becoming one of the most successful online entrepreneurs I know.

Let’s just say he’s no longer struggling to pay rent anywhere in the world.

A few months ago, he also gave me a simple tip that took me 30 minutes to implement which has since resulted in me earning an extra $300/month a so from this very blog.

So, I can personally verify that he’s not full of shit (for what that’s worth).

A Quick Look At The Course


I’ll give y’all a quick peak at what this course is all about.

***For a more extensive breakdown, check out Jake’s sales page.

Part 1 | Fundamentals, Tools, and Tactics For Rapidly Developing Writing Proficiency

Part one teaches you the fundamentals of writing.

Now, you might be thinking but Vance! I already know how to write!

Well, that’s very likely true, but you might not know how to write for sales.

Getting an “A” on your university paper and writing to make money are two very different skills (as someone who got an “A” on his university papers, but struggled to make money from writing, this took me a long time to accept, but it’s true).

Essentially, this section takes a skill you already have and redirects it; tailors it to selling.

Part 2 | Copywriting 101: Using The Written Word To Sell And Persuade

This section dives into the psychology of sales.

Why are some words more effective than others?

What are the base motivations behind human decision making?

How can you get inside your reader’s head, and compel them to take a desired action?

Put your “Freud” hat on, because this section dives deep into the type of psychology you’ll need to know to make money online.

Part 3 | Wildly Profitable Business Models For Writers

By part 3, you’ll know exactly how to write for the purpose of selling on the Internet.

But, guess what?

That doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to direct your new skills.

In this section, Jake reveals the best business models for writers.

That whole “passive income, make money while you sleep, 4 hour workweek stuff?” Yeah, he’ll show you where to go and what to do to make all that a reality.

Part 4 | Selecting Your Niche And Getting Started

This may be the most important module in the course.

Finding your niche.

You could be the best sales person in the world, but if the folks you are targeting don’t want what you’re selling, you’re sh*t out of luck.

Essentially, this part of the course teaches you not to make things hard on yourself.

It’s easier to sell coffee to an avid coffee drinker than it is to convince him/her to switch to lemon water each morning.

So, do that!

It’s an easy thing to realize in principal, but it’s harder to put into practice.

Jake shows you what to do.

He breaks down how to identify and enter a suitable market, intimately understand what that market wants, and the steps you must take to provide solutions to that market’s problem (i.e. to make money via sales).

A couple additional notes about the course:

  • It’s long. This thing is packed with information, so don’t expect to finish it in a day or two. Don’t worry, though. If you buy it now, you’ll have lifetime access so you can go through it at your leisure

  • It is text-based. There’s a video introduction at the beginning of each course section, but other than that, this is a text-based course, so they’ll be a bit of reading involved

  • Jake has kindly made himself available by email for any questions you may have about the course

  • It costs $97 at the moment. This is a discounted launch offer. The cost of the course will increase in the coming weeks

Who Will Benefit From This Course

In my opinion, this course is best for folks who want to make money online, but aren’t sure where to start and don’t have experience with more commonly-known online skills, such as graphic design, coding or web design.

If that sounds like you, and you also like to write, you will REALLY benefit from this course.

It isn’t just for beginners, however. I’ve been making money online in one way or another for the past several years, and I still got a great deal of value from Jake’s course, particularly in terms of copywriting tips, consumer psychology and niching down to find a market that’s hungry for information.

In short, if you don’t know anything about making money online, this course will show you exactly how to do that.

And, if you’re reading this and you’re already making money online, this course will show you several angles and “hacks” that you may be overlooking.

READ THIS Before You Even Think About Buying Jake’s Course


There is one caveat.

To succeed with this course, you have to enjoy writing. If you don’t, this isn’t the course for you.

Or, if you don’t love writing, you have to at least not hate it.

This right here is all about turning written content into cash (hence the name, Content 2 Cash), so if you hate writing content, you won’t get far.

And although Jake hands you a template that will make you money while you sleep through as little as a few hours work a day, his system takes time to develop.

You’ll have to put a lot of words down before you’ll have similar results.

If the idea of writing turns you right off (pun fully intended) you’re better off looking into something else — like coding or e-commerce.

But, if you’re cool with waking up, brewing yourself a pot of coffee, firing up your laptop and pumping out some money-making words, well, check out the darn course!


While doing this course, I frequently thought back to my early days of making money online, skinning by on three-figures a month writing freelance articles and editing university papers.

I was completely lost, and didn’t know where to look for guidance.

I had to laugh — while progressing through this course over the past couple of weeks, I was immediately able to identify several things I was doing wrong way back when.

It took me about 3 years of guess work to finally get to the point where I was earning a decent living online.

If I’d had Jake’s course, I’m confident I would have been able to cut that learning curve down to 6 months.

To put it simply, if you don’t want to be tied to a desk, if you want to make money online and travel or live in Latin America (or, wherever else…I hear Asia is nice too!), consider enrolling in Jake’s course.

And that’s about it for me, friends!

Take it easy — I hope to see ya’ll down here soon making that sweet Internet money 🤑.

Until next time,


*If you have any questions whatsoever regarding this course and whether or not it’s the right fit for you, post them in the comments below!