Diana Fuentes Goes For A More Extroverted Vibe On Her Third Album

By Douglas Shannon

April 3, 2019

Singer and songwriter Diana Fuentes has a conservatory background from her native Cuba and has received multiple Latin GRAMMY® nominations. Her third solo album, Libre, was released on April 12, 2019, and adds more tropical and danceable elements to her musical persona. On the same day, she premiered the music video for its title track, which was filmed in Havana. Click here to watch it. Diana is now based in Miami.

Douglas Shannon: This album was originally to be titled Todo Está Pasando. What caused you to change it?

Diana Fuentes: It was literally a time in my life when absolutely everything was happening, and I realized that it all had a purpose. That purpose was to make me feel like a woman, a free person, which is the person who I am today. Free in my music, my life, my ideas, the way I project myself towards everything that I want and what I want to say. I found that the message had changed. The fact that so much had happened led me to find the state that I feel and have at age 34. It’s the state of being a free woman who can decide what I want both in my life, and out of my life.

Douglas Shannon: How important has family support been to you?

Diana Fuentes: Thanks to my family, I can dedicate myself to music. Thanks especially to my mother Mirta Lavastida, who is an inspiration to me. There are songs of hers on my new record, and she is a very brave, strong and decisive woman. My mother’s side of the family is amazing. My grandmother Aurora, who appears in the video of “Libre,” is someone who has always taught the women in our family to take the reins of our lives. My family supports me 100 percent. And my most important job is that of mother. It takes all the time in the world, because I want to be a mother who my son is proud of. My son is so happy watching me make music, and that helps me and gives me strength to keep developing my career.

Douglas Shannon: When was your first trip to the United States?

Diana Fuentes: The first time I came was on tour with the Cuban singer Carlos Varela. It was an incredible experience. He did a big U.S. tour and we performed a very special show in 2010 in Miami – very intense and very moving.

With a background in publicity, Douglas Shannon has been working with Latin music artists since 1997.