An Open Invitation For All Latin American Enthusiasts!

***UPDATE: No need to email me anymore, you can join the group directly through this link after creating your Telegram account: JOIN THE TELEGRAM GROUP.

Hey folks.

I started a Telegram group for people who are interested in Latin America.

And I’d like to invite my fine readers (you) to join!

Here are the details.

What Is Telegram?

Telegram is basically like Whatsapp. It’s an instant messaging app where users can exchange texts, videos, photos, etc.

The primary difference between the two platforms is that Telegram is much more private, which is why I decided to use it for my group.

For instance, you can join private Telegram groups using nothing more than your Telegram username, so no one has access to your phone number. Also, you can engage in private chats with users that can’t be forwarded, and set them to delete after a certain time period.

These messages use end-to-end encryption and are not stored on Telegram’s servers.

In others words, Telegram is a bit better on the whole privacy front than WhatsApp. I understand that anonymity is important, and I don’t want any of my readers’ identities to be compromised if they wish to remain anon.

Telegram is the better option for this.

Also, Telegram allows you to have groups of up to 5,000 members, while WhatsApp caps things at around 250 members…not that I expect this particular group to grow that big, but point is, I find it much more suitable/geared toward group chats.

In short, Telegram is WhatsApp, but more private, and more geared toward larger group chats.

Some Information About The Group

What’s the point of this group?

Well, my idea is to have a place where people can share their experiences and ask questions about Latin America. Good cities to visit/live in, good spots to eat and drink, activities to do and so forth.

I also want it to be a place where folks can arrange meet-ups and get to know like-minded people.

Additionally, you’ve have more direct access to me, if you want to ask me questions about living in Latin America, starting a blog, working online, etc — I’m rather bad at answering emails, but pretty good at answering instant messages.

Ideally, they’ll be group members who are either living in Latin America or intend to travel there, and the group will give them an opportunity to connect. For instance, if there is a guy living in Lima and another guy who wants to go to Lima, they can use the group to meet-up.

In other words, networking!

Maybe you’re not planning on visiting Latin America soon, but you just want a place to talk about it.

That’s OK too.

The only prerequisite for joining is that you’re interested in Latin America. If you don’t want to send too many messages and just want to read the info being shared and absorb the knowledge, that’s fine.

Think of it as a sort of travel forum, but instead of being hosted online, it’s through a messaging app.

How To Join

***UPDATE: No need to email me anymore, you can join the group directly through this link after creating your Telegram account: JOIN THE TELEGRAM GROUP.

If you want to join, simply send me an email and I will send you a private link to the group. You’ll need to create a Telegram account first if you don’t already have one. It’s simple to do and doesn’t require much personal information. You’ll need to connect a phone number, but neither I nor anyone in the group will be able to see that — we’ll only have access to your username. That’s how your posts will be identified.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my messages so you can see what this looks like:


Again, you can send me an email here requesting to join the group, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Easy as that!

I’ll act as the moderator. I’m pretty (very) liberal about what’s posted, but if someone is threatening other members of the group or relentlessly trolling, I’ll remove them.

I don’t expect I’ll have to do that.


That’s about it!

If you’re interested in Latin America and you want to meet likeminded people, I’d love for you to join the group.

There’s several members already, but the more the merrier!

Again, just send me an email and I’ll get you in.

All the best, and looking forward to chatting to y’all soon.


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