Dating in Colombia: What Is It Like?

Hey folks, today I’d like to talk a bit about dating in Colombia. 

I’m here to answer your questions, address your concerns and, as always, to entertain!

Because, here’s the thing…

50 Good Books About Mexico, Central and South America

What originally drove me to live in Latin America wasn't the sex, sun and salsa. Rather, it was a fascination with the politics, culture and society in this part of the world.

My interest started in university with a socioeconomics course. Insufferable Marxist indoctrination aside, it was an engaging class and responsible for igniting my enthusiasm for Latin America. I probably never would have bothered to take the jump to live in LATAM if I hadn't taken the class.

Credit where credit's due.

Vintage Travel Posters Of Latin America

In this post, I curate over 100 vintage travel posters of Latin America — organized by country — with prints dating from the early 1900s to the 1990s.

Ladies and gentlemen, you won’t want to miss this one!

How To Run A Drug Cartel: Book Review/Explanation

I re-read an excellent book recently.

A book SO GOOD I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

What's it called?

Well, you'll have to scroll to the end of the article to find out.

For now, I'm going to explain what I learned from it…

My Latin Life's Guide To E-Commerce In Latin America

My latest of many money-making schemes has been in the world of e-commerce. 

I started playing around with it during my last trip to Peru. Appeared the country was ripe for it. Its economy was growing rapidly, and I certainly noticed people with disposal income in Lima, but there was a lack of cool shit to buy - many of the big chain American stores that I saw in Mexico that offered impossibly cheap goods hadn't made their way down, and I knew that import laws were pretty lax compared to countries like Argentina or Ecuador, and manufacturing costs were lower than countries like Chile or Brazil...

How NOT To Get Scopolamined in South America

I'd like to talk a bit about how to avoid getting Scopolamined (or, drugged in general) in South America.

Anyone who's travelled down here knows that folks will try to take advantage of you. And, when it comes to scopolamine, women are the main culprits.

So, we'll focus mostly on women today (what's new, eh?)…

What Happens If You Overstay Your Visa In Colombia In 2019?

Overstaying a tourist visa in Colombia is a common occurrence. It isn't surprising - Colombia is an easy country to fall in love with after all!

But what happens exactly if you violate the terms of your visa? Will you be locked-up? Deported? Fined? Prohibited from entering the country ever again?

Here's the latest information.

Women In Medellin: The Truth Behind The Hype


Figured I'd do a quick post about women in Medellin today.

Any man who's the least bit interested in Latin America has heard of Medellin, Colombia…

What Does It Cost To Live In Major Latin American Cities?

Hello again!

My Latin Life here to give you some insight into the cost of living in major cities throughout Latin America.

Using Expatistan, I've compared the cost of living between the most-searched-for big cities on my website to help you decide where to live or travel in Latin America.

Let the showdown begin!

What Does It Cost To Fly Between Major Latin American Cities?

Toward the end of my first jaunt around Latin America, my money started to run out.

I'll admit it: I planned poorly.

I don't want this to happen to you.

Below, I've made screenshots of typical flight prices between major Latin American cities. Keep in mind that these prices will vary depending on the strength of the dollar and the time of year, but it should still provide you with some context for planning your next trip.

Your Colombian Cupid Review: 2019 Edition

Hello gentlemen! It's time for your 2019/2019 Colombian Cupid review.

If you're familiar with the site, you'll know that I recommend Colombian Cupid a lot.

It's a great service, and I truly believe it is one of the best ways to meet Colombian women, both inside and outside of the country.


The Best Least-Obvious Places To Live In Latin America in 2018


These days, the majority of the emails I receive (aside from hate mail, of course) have something to do with relocating to Latin America. Students that are wondering where to do a year abroad, retired men who are looking to say adios to the United States, digital nomads who are looking for a good base to settle down for a few months...folks from all kinds of backgrounds who are looking to live south of the border for various reasons.

Usually, they're trying to sort out which city in Latin America would be best for them to live in. Here are some less-obvious answers to that question.

The 12 Best Spanish-Language Telenovelas

I know what you're thinking. 

Telenovelas, essentially Spanish/Portuguese-language soap operas, are for old ladies with too much time on their hands.

But I have a confession: I immensely enjoy them.

Not only are they great for learning Spanish, but they can also make for some high quality television.

Here are the 12 best Spanish-language telenovelas that I've found

How To Rent An Apartment In Cartagena, Colombia

There are many, many reasons to live in Cartagena.

Whether you're into beaches, year-round sunny skies, exciting nightlife or great local cuisine, this Caribbean city has got something for you to enjoy.

But, moving to Colombia isn't easy. At the very least you're going to need to find somewhere to live.

And that's what I'm here to help you with today!

Let's talk about how to rent an apartment in Cartagena, Colombia!

Your 2019 Guide For The Best Colombia Dating Sites

This is your go-to guide for the best Colombia dating sites in 2019?

See, if you want to meet girls in this great nation, there's a few ways to go about it…

How To Move To Colombia in 2019

Here is how you can move to Colombia in 2019

Based on the emails I receive on this blog, it is by far the number one choice for folks looking to expat to Latin America.

If you want to figure out how to move to Colombia, here are the best ways to do it in 2018.

The Best Cities To Travel To In Latin America - 2018 Edition

Times have changed. Latin America has changed. I've changed.

Cities in Central and South America have a tendency to go through ebbs and flows. A great city to live in today might not be a great one tomorrow.

Take Medellin for instance. In the early 2000s, this was the place to live in Latin America. If you were brave enough to venture down to recently drug-war torn Colombia, as one of the few foreigners, beautiful women would be throwing themselves at you as you enjoyed an incredibly low cost of living and year-round spring temperatures.

And then word got out.

Are Colombian Girls Easy? Let's Cut Through The Rumors

I want to talk about Colombian girls.

Since about the mid-2000s or so, this South American nation began to skyrocket in popularity among tourists. What was once a no-go zone for travellers 10 short years before due to extreme rates of narco violence, terrorism and political instability, all of a sudden became a hotbed of drug and sex-craved backpackers.

It wasn't long before word got out about girls from Colombia and their alleged preference for foreign men.

Annnnd the rest is history.

How To Rent An Apartment In Bogota, Colombia

Hello, friends!

This post is for those of you that are wondering how to rent an apartment in Bogota, Colombia.

One of the most frustrating things about heading to a new country for a short or long term stay is finding an ideal place to live; the rush and excitement of arriving in a new place is quickly moderated by the reality of needing to hustle to find an a place to live, unless of course you're comfortable paying for an overpriced Airbnb or living in a hotel for months on end.

I'm here to help make the process of finding an apartment a bit easier.

The Top 5 Latin American Countries To Start A Small Business

Hey there!

As you can probably tell, I've been on a "business in Latin America" kick lately.

Today I'll be talking about what I deem the most suitable countries for anyone looking to start a business south of the border.

But before I get into all that, a few comments about how I determined the rankings: