23 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Mexico

It’s time to take a trip back in time with these vintage photos of Mexico.

As someone who loves old photos (and Mexico) it seemed only logical that I put together a post like this.

So, I scoured the Internet and dug up some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Best Places To Live In Mexico: A Regional Breakdown

Today, I’m here to answer the following query: where are the best places to live in Mexico? 

…but first, a brief story.

My New Neighborhood: Colonia del Valle in Mexico City

Hello, my friends.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a new post, and for that I apologize.

I’ve got a couple new projects in the works that have been eating my time.

But, I’m back to tell you what it’s like living in del Valle, Mexico City.

Mexico City: What's It Like Living In Centro?

Whenever I tell folks where I live in Mexico City, they’re always surprised.


Centro? Isn’t it dangerous?

Why did you decide to live there?

And fair enough…

What Is Life Like As An Expat In Mexico City?

Hey folks. Today I’m going to talk about expat life in Mexico City.

What to expect, how much you’ll spend, the pros, the cons. All that good stuff.

But first, a disclaimer…

Your Quick Guide To Mexico City: 2018 Edition

Hello and welcome!

Today, I figured I’d draw up a short guide to Mexico City, my adopted home.

We’re talking places to eat, places to drink, safety, language, weather, transportation…

How Dangerous Is Mexico City?

“I need to walk off this meal.”

“You sure? It’s best to get a taxi at this hour.”

I was speaking with a friend…

Vance Bares His Soul: My Latest Online Interview

Recently, I did an interview with a friend of mine, copywriter Dennis Demori.

And covered A LOT. Online business, women in Latin America, underrated music and movies, drug cartels and my future plans for myself and my blog.

Here's the full text.


A Few Of My Photos From Mexico City...And Some Big News

Short one today, fellas.

While organizing my computer, I found some old photos I took when I lived in Mexico City.

I thought I'd share them with ya'll.

I'll provide some commentary for each photo.


The Dangers Of Going "Full Latino"

I'd like to tell you a story.

Not a story in the Alice and Wonderland sense of the word, but rather a cautionary tale: a few words of warning for anyone wanting to travel or live in Latin America.

It's important to listen closely, as the advice contained in this story is counterintuitive to what most people think it takes to fit in and adapt to a foreign culture.

Let's begin.


Nightlife In Mexico City: Where To Party In CDMX

I can't believe I haven't done a post on nightlife: Mexico City .


For your information and for my own nostalgic pleasure, here is your comprehensive, insightful and, most importantly, entertaining guide to the bars and nightclubs of Mexico City!

10 Types Of Expats In Mexico City You'll Definitely Meet

Vance, back at it again. This time, to talk about expats in Mexico City.

Here are ten types of foreigners that you'll meet in the Mexican capital.

5 Reasons Why Mexico Might Be The Best Country To Live In Latin America

No matter where I travel to in Latin America, my mind always drifts back to Mexico. It has become the benchmark from which I compare all other countries in the region.

I've reflected a great deal on why I've come to love this place so dearly.

Sure, part of it is nostalgic bias; after all, this was the country that kicked off my interest in Latin America, as well as the first foreign country I've ever lived in.

But after having talked to what must be hundreds of travellers, it seems that others share my love for this country...

Is Mexico Dangerous? 2018 Edition

We've all heard the news.

Severed heads in Ciudad Juarez, Durango and Mazatlan.

Bodies hanging from bridges in Zacatecas and Morelia.

Grenades thrown into nightclubs in Guadalajara and Monterrey.

There's no denying that Mexico does not have the greatest reputation in regards to safety and security. But is Mexico as dangerous as it's made out to be?

The Best Cities To Travel To In Latin America - 2018 Edition

Times have changed. Latin America has changed. I've changed.

Cities in Central and South America have a tendency to go through ebbs and flows. A great city to live in today might not be a great one tomorrow.

Take Medellin for instance. In the early 2000s, this was the place to live in Latin America. If you were brave enough to venture down to recently drug-war torn Colombia, as one of the few foreigners, beautiful women would be throwing themselves at you as you enjoyed an incredibly low cost of living and year-round spring temperatures.

And then word got out.

Let's Talk About Expats In Latin America

Mexico City, 2016

I was finishing a lunch at KURA, a fancy Japanese spot in Colonia Roma Norte.

We were an eclectic group of patrons: an Egyptian girl, who originally moved to Mexico for her boyfriend and decided to stick around after they split, a Mexican woman with her own small advertising agency, my Japanese roommate, who worked at a bank, an American friend who sold security systems throughout Latin America and was based in Mexico City, and myself, a Canadian who no one really knew what the fuck was doing exactly...

Part 1 - How To Start An E-Commerce Business In Latin America

If you want to reside south of the border, you'll need to find a way to make money. An e-commerce business in Latin America is one of the ways to do this.

However, it's often overlooked.

The vast majority of foreigners down here will make their living doing one of the following things:

Panama City vs Mexico City: Which City Is Better?

It's time to go head-to-head once again!

This time, we'll compare Panama City and Mexico City and determine which is better for visiting or living. In many ways, these two capital cities are similar - they are both modern, they both have a large number of expats and they are both easily accessible from the USA, with a large number of cheap, daily flights from major American cities.

I'll say right off the bat that both are solid choices for someone looking for an introduction to Latin America.

But there are some differences that you'll want to consider before choosing either one of these destinations...

Mexico City vs. Bogota: Where Should You Live?

I've just finished living in Mexico City. Now I'm living in Lima.

As I've noted in a recent post, Lima isn't quite living up to my expectations. I've decided to stick it out here for awhile. It's not bad and I'm enjoying myself, but it's not a place I see myself living semi-permanently.

As such, my mind has already been wandering. I'm thinking about my next destination.

Sometime within the next two years, I'd like to choose a city to spend the bulk of my time in. 

Right now it looks like it'll be Mexico or Colombia.

Bogota is a city that I've been thinking more about recently...

The Past, Present and Future Of My Latin Life

First off, Happy New Year!

With 2017 just kicking off and having just arrived to a new country (scroll to the bottom to find out where), I wanted to take some time to talk about my future plans. I've been doing some soul-searching during these last few months in Canada, and I've come to a few conclusions and made a few decisions. In short, I'm hoping 2017 will be the start of a new trajectory. 

But, we can't know where we're going without thinking about where we've been. And since I don't talk about myself much on this blog, here's some of the things that happened to me in 2016.