Hermosillo City Guide

Here’s your Hermosillo, Mexico city guide!

A reader who spent a considerable amount of time here was kind enough to submit a breakdown.

So, without further ado, your guide to the capital of Sonora!

***This is a guest post by Don Tim…

Guest Post: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

MLL reader Matt H has kindly taken the time to draw up and submit a city guide for Ciudad Juarez, the big, bad border city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Even though I've travelled extensively through Mexico, I've never made it to Juarez. Reports in years past of bodies hanging from bridges and severed heads scattered around town didn't exactly motivate me to go out of my way to visit. However, the general consensus is that the violence has decreased and the city is now more secure.

Guest Post: San Salvador, El Salvador City Guide

Morris, A fellow Canadian, has just finished up a stint in El Salvador and was kind enough to draw up a city guide. As he mentions, there are very few tourists here, so if you're looking for a departure from the gringo trail, San Salvador might just be the place for you. I for one hope to make a trip there in the near future.

Here's the link to the guide: San Salvador City Guide.

Thanks Morris!

The Best Cities To Meet Colombian Women


And maybe ladies too (if so, I'm deeply sorry for some of the things I've said...) I'm here to break down the best cities to meet Colombian women.

So read on. Especially if you think Medellin is still the best city in Colombia for girls...

My Latin Life's Best Cities In Latin America

I've compiled a list of what I believe to be the best cities for a tourist to visit in Latin America. The list is based on the criteria outlined on my cities guides, so you'll want to click on the link to the city to get a thoroughgoing breakdown on the destination to find out why it ranked the way it did.

I rank each city based on the following:

The Hottest Girls In South America By City

I'm here to present you with the list you never knew you needed.

The other day I received an email from a guy saying that my site was a bit tricky to navigate. He suggested that I make a chart out of all of my city guides outlining the hottest girls in South America, Central America and Mexico to make it easier for people to get a quick idea of things. I thought it was a brilliant idea and frankly was a bit sore that I didn't think of it myself.

Below you have the list. What I've done is ranked all of the cities guides that I have on the site (a total of 67 guides) based on the hotness of the women.

If it sounds shallow...it is.