After Behind-The-Scenes Roles, Luis Figueroa Steps To The Front Of The Stage

June 11, 2019

Born in Philadelphia to Puerto Rican parents, Luis Figueroa has been honing his talent since he was a kid…

Diana Fuentes Goes For A More Extroverted Vibe On Her Third Album

April 3, 2019

Singer and songwriter Diana Fuentes has a conservatory background from her native Cuba and has received multiple Latin GRAMMY® nominations…

23 Incredible Vintage Photos Of Mexico

It’s time to take a trip back in time with these vintage photos of Mexico.

As someone who loves old photos (and Mexico) it seemed only logical that I put together a post like this.

So, I scoured the Internet and dug up some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

The Last Emperor Of Mexico

Vienna, Austria. 1840.

A sibling rivalry that will change history in Europe and the Americas.

Two brothers in line for the Austrian throne: Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph and his brother Franz Joseph.

The Brave New Future Of My Latin Life

Vance here.

And I’ve got an announcement.

But, before we jump into that, I just wanted to take a few lines to thank ya’ll.

When I started My Latin Life a few years back, I never…

Vance Bares His Soul: My Latest Online Interview

Recently, I did an interview with a friend of mine, copywriter Dennis Demori.

And covered A LOT. Online business, women in Latin America, underrated music and movies, drug cartels and my future plans for myself and my blog.

Here's the full text.


Sam Zemurray: The Most Interesting Man You've Never Heard Of

Hey, folks.

Quick one today.

Recently, I've taken it upon myself to research some lesser-known figures in the fabric of Latin America.

And, man, Sam Zemurray is definitely one such figure…

A Few Of My Photos From Mexico City...And Some Big News

Short one today, fellas.

While organizing my computer, I found some old photos I took when I lived in Mexico City.

I thought I'd share them with ya'll.

I'll provide some commentary for each photo.


The Best Cigars From Latin America/My Experience As An International Smuggler

Now for something a bit different.

Not many people know this about me, but I used to work as a cigar salesman.

Well, I was actually more of an 'exporter.' It was my job to find a way to ship Cuban cigars to the United States from Canada without them getting seized by customs.

I must say, I was very good at it. One year and thousands of shipments. Nothing ever got caught.

More on that later.

Through my experience, I was able to learn a thing or two about cigars and lucky enough to try a multitude of varieties from different countries.

Here are some of my favourites.

The Dangers Of Going "Full Latino"

I'd like to tell you a story.

Not a story in the Alice and Wonderland sense of the word, but rather a cautionary tale: a few words of warning for anyone wanting to travel or live in Latin America.

It's important to listen closely, as the advice contained in this story is counterintuitive to what most people think it takes to fit in and adapt to a foreign culture.

Let's begin.


Rolling Solo: How To Go Out Alone In Latin America

I'm not outgoing.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having a crew to hangout with, hit the bars with and bounce shit off of, but I am also very comfortable with being alone. 

I've always been that way.

If I arrive to a city where I don't know a soul, I'll have to go out to bars and clubs solo. And after much trial and error, I think I've finally figured out how to do it without looking like a rapist or serial killer.

Why Becoming A Digital Nomad Was A Bad Idea

I've been doing some thinking.

More like some re-thinking.

I'm not sure this digital nomad thing is for me.

You see, it was never my intention to work from the Internet without a permanent residence. But after...

The Dangers Of Being An Expat In Latin America

January, 2012

"Things are going really well for me," he said, sipping his coffee. "I'm making around $2000 a month!"

John was from Texas. He had moved down to a small, touristy town in Central Mexico about 10 years back, and was now working as a tour organizer/driver, transporting Americans and Canadians around to various historical and cultural sites in the region. He was about 50 years old.

Wow, I thought. You could live like a king in Mexico on $2000 a month.

Through John, I was able to meet a number of foreigners living in this Mexican city.

There was George...

Lima, Peru: First Impressions, A Few Doubts

As those of you that read my last post will know, I'm now in Lima.

Well, I've been here almost two weeks now and to be honest I'm having a few doubts as to whether or not I made the right choice.

"First Impressions" isn't quite an accurate title - this is actually my third time visiting Lima - but the other two stints I did here were short, and I was mostly focused on eating ceviche, getting smashed on pisco and trying to get pussy (noble pursuits, I know). I stuck exclusively to two neighbourhoods, Barranco and Miraflores, and didn't even really take the time to do currency conversions to determine what anything costs. In short, I really just skimmed the surface.

But now that I've got a bit of a feel for the place, I'm beginning to wonder if I really want to commit to several months here. Perhaps my two previous times here on 'vacation mode' have given me an inflated impression of how good Lima is.

Here's why.

The Past, Present and Future Of My Latin Life

First off, Happy New Year!

With 2017 just kicking off and having just arrived to a new country (scroll to the bottom to find out where), I wanted to take some time to talk about my future plans. I've been doing some soul-searching during these last few months in Canada, and I've come to a few conclusions and made a few decisions. In short, I'm hoping 2017 will be the start of a new trajectory. 

But, we can't know where we're going without thinking about where we've been. And since I don't talk about myself much on this blog, here's some of the things that happened to me in 2016.

The 10 Types Of Latinas You'll Hook-Up With In Latin America

Forgive me for the puerile nature of this post.

But I feel like having a little fun. I'm in a small town so there isn't too much to do aside from work. And there certainly doesn't appear to be too many nice women around here.

Out of curiosity, I jumped on Tinder last night. I was assailed with an overabundance of heavy-set girls riding ATVs and/or holding rifles.


After that ghastly incident I found myself sitting in the dark, reminiscing about the different kinds of Latinas I've hooked-up with throughout Latin America. Sad, I know, but any guy who's travelled has done the same.

So, with that in mind, I've compiled a list (complete with pictures and personal anecdotes) of the 10 types of Latinas you're likely to hook-up with in Latin America.

Sexual Arbitrage in South America: Advantage? Single White Male

I want you to imagine someone.

This person could be from the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia or Denmark. He’s 6’2” and has dirty blonde hair. He has an average build, not chiseled but not fat. He’s your average twenty-something male.

In his home country, he struggles with girls.

He’s had a few failed relationships, and a couple of random hookups here and there, but a Don Juan he is not. Let’s say he’s been with seven women in his life.

Let’s also give him a name. We’ll call him Derek.

One day, Derek decides to take a trip. He’s always wanted to go to South America, but just never got around to it. 

Want to Move to Latin America? Read This First

I copied the following reddit post by Noblepeasant5. Basically, it explains how the initial bliss of a move to Latin America (in this case, Central American) expat give way to a gnawing sense of paranoia and neurosis with the passage of time. Personally, I think the lad is trolling a bit -- I would not be surprised if he hasn't even been to Central America. However, he does expose one very ugly side of expats which is rarely discussed. I'll get to that later.

Here's the text.

How To Get An STD Test In Latin America

Initially, I thought that a blog article about getting a dick analysis in Latin America was beneath me.

However, after reviewing my posts (which include How To Fake Your Tinder Location and The Easiest Country To Get Laid In South America), I realized that nothing is beneath me.

But, all joking aside, sexual health is a critical issue, and if even one person benefits from advice on how to get an STD test in Latin America this will have been worth my time.

Having travelled extensively around Latin America and having had more than a few…indiscretions, I’m somewhat of an old hand at getting STD tests – I’ve ordered them three times in Mexico alone.


Here’s my latest tale: