Mexico City Experience


Are You Ready For an Unforgettable Experience in Latin America's #1 City for American men?

Of course you are...


Hey - it's Vance and I've spent the last 6 years traveling throughout Latin America. 

What started off as a simple blog to document my experiences in LatAm has turned into a popular destination for expats, digital nomads and avid travelers (with over 80,000 visitors a month).

But I used to be just liked you...

When I first arrived in Mexico City (aka CDMX) over 2 years ago, I had some concerns:

  • What were Mexican girls like? And what were the best ways to meet them?
  • How much does Mexico City cost? Is it expensive?
  • And finally, is Mexico City safe? Or is it as dangerous as others made it out to be?

Mexico City has surpassed my expectations in every way...

  • Mexican women are fun, feminine and enjoy meeting extranjeros - "foreigners"
  • Overall, Mexico City is a very budget-friendly destination (although the higher-end spots will be slightly lower than U.S. prices)
  • Mexico City has incredibly safe neighborhoods like Roma Norte, Condesa and Polanco with top-notch restaurants, coffee shops and bars/nightclubs 

But that's really just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to discover more of what CDMX has to offer...


Daytime Activities


As one of the world's largest cities, the bustling Mexican capital can be overwhelming.

That's why I suggest you discover it with me and my co-host, Dennis (who you'll meet below).

We'll take care of the plans. No stress, no chaos. Your only task will be to enjoy yourself!

Here are a few things you can experience with us as your hosts:


• Want to drink smooth tequila in cantinas once frequented by Mexico's revolutionary heroes?

• How about a culinary tour, where you'll sample some of the world's most delicious foods?

• Visit some ancient, mystical Aztec ruins? Museums? Art galleries?

• Journey into authentic Mexican neighborhoods and take in breathtaking colonial architecture, perhaps?

• Or, just hit a cigar lounge and talk shop?

• Hey, why not bet on ponies at the track while enjoying a bit of cerveza?

Nighttime Activities


Mexico City comes to life at night.

If you want to make the most of the "City of Palaces" it's done best after the sun sets.


Every man needs to check out the nightlife here. It ranks among the world's greatest.

Depending on your preferences, here are a few things you can experience with us:


• The best bars for meeting women

• Traditional cantinas

• Underground bars/lounges

• Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling)

• Upscale, massive nightclubs with some of the sexiest girls in the country, open until the sun comes up


*** (P.S. Keep on a' scrolling if you want to hear more - we're not done talking about nightlife and women just yet) ***

Whatever you want to do, we'll show you where and how to do it.

And we guarantee you'll have a good time.

Not quite sure what you want to do? 

Don't worry.

Leave everything to us. Let us know what you like and we'll create a custom itinerary just for you that will show you the best this city has to offer.


Wait! There's More...

In addition to personally showing you the best of our adopted city, we'll also help you explore the city on your own. 

This includes:

  • Getting set up with a local SIM card/cell phone number
  • Navigating the city's famous and extensive metro/metrobus system
  • The best neighborhoods for your stay
  • Insights into local culture
  • The most effective way to meet local women


Who are we?

It's time to meet your hosts!



- 6+ years traveling and living all throughout Latin America

- 2+ years living in Mexico City

- Author of My Latin Life, one of the Internet's most popular blogs for traveling Latin America

- Fluent in Spanish



Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 5.03.28 PM.png

- Multiple trips throughout LatAm, including Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Colombia

- 4+ months living in Mexico City

- Running a location independent business since 2017

- Fluent in Spanish

OK, So How Exactly Does All This Work?

Think of us as your personal tour guides.

We'll be available to you during your entire stay for any and all of the things listed above.

In addition to touring you around the city's best spots, we'll also provide FREE consultations on:


  • Mexico or Latin America in general
  • How to move abroad/ what it's like living in Latin America
  • How to make money online and live a location-independent lifestyle
  • Dating in Mexico/Latin America
  • ...or anything else you'd like to know!


Here's *precisely* what you'll get if you choose to explore Mexico City with us:

Mexico City Experience

Mexico City Experience (1).jpg

• 1 Hour pre-trip Skype consultation

• Detailed trip itinerary + map/complete list of the city's must-see spots

• 2 nights of nightlife (you'll hit the town with us for two nights of partying!)

• A daytime activity of your choice with us (eg. cigar lounge; horse race track; cantina)

• Concierge service (if you want a massage, dinner reservations etc, we'll make them for you!)

• 1 Hour post-trip follow up Skype call

• "Complete Guide to Mexico City" e-book

Starting at $1,497 USD


How To Know If The Mexico City Experience Is Right For You...

✅ You're new to Mexico City and want a comprehensive introduction to the city

✅ You're thinking about relocating to Mexico or Latin America and want to see how things really work down here outside the tourist traps (we will give you absolutely ALL the information you need if you're thinking of living here)

✅ You have some vacation time and want to eat, drink and party like a local

✅ You want to meet Latinas but aren't quite sure how the game works in Latin America

✅ You want a flexible itinerary. With us as your guides, there's no strict timeline; no fixed rules. We're here when you need us, and not when you don't.


We'll take care of absolutely everything for you.

The Best Nightlife AND Dating Scene in Latin America!!??

Let's take a moment (if we may) to talk about nightlife in Mexico City.


As we said earlier, we're not done talking about women and nightlife just yet!


After traveling extensively throughout Latin America, we've both determined that Mexico City just might have the best nightlife and dating scene in the entire region.


Why? You Ask.


Well, because this city has a little something for everyone.


  • "Do you like dancing?" - There's plenty of that.
  • "Dive bars?" - check!
  • "Bottle service?" - In spades. For days.
  • "Relaxed lounges with beautiful, friendly women?" - Oh. Yes.


 and, speaking of beautiful women... 




We all know the dating market in the United States is *ahem* unfavorable for guys nowadays...


Fortunately, all that nonsense is far from the reality down here in Mexico.


And, luckily for you, it's only a short plane trip away (only 2.5 hours from Dallas, Texas!).


It's amazing how much things can change just by crossing a border...


If you come out with us, we'll help you meet gorgeous, sweet, feminine women (there are plenty of them down here).


Not to mention, we're the WORLD'S BEST WINGMEN 😉


That's our personal guarantee.


Between the two of us, we know the city inside out (even better than the locals!)


So whether you're looking for a refreshing change of pace or:

... a serious relationship

...a fling

...or just want to meet as many girls as you possibly can...


You've come to the right place, and you've most certainly come to the right people.

Here's What's Included In Your Mexico City Experience

To recap, here's what you'll receive as part of your Mexico City Experience package:

✔️Pre-trip Skype consultation + detailed trip itinerary

✔️Post-trip Skype consultation

✔️Nightlife tours - two nights of hitting the bars with us

✔️Free in-person consultations on Mexico City and living in Latin America - no questions are out of bounds.

✔️A personalized itinerary for daytime activities

✔️Recommendations on the best places to stay, eat and explore

✔️Guidance, coaching and direct assistance on meeting women in Mexico/Latin America

✔️A map and list of the best date spots in the city

✔️One special daytime activity with us

✔️Comprehensive e-book on Mexico City

✔️Concierge service 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No. Most Mexicans in their 20s and 30s speak at least a little English. Plus, Dennis and I speak fluent Spanish, so we'll be right by your side if you need any help with translations.


Can we do X,Y,Z instead?

Don't see something you'd like to see or do? Let us know and we'll do what we can to provide a custom option.


Will you guys be with me the entire time? Or will I have some time to myself?

Don't worry! We won't smother you. We'll be with you for our daytime activity of your choosing, and for the two nights of nightlife. But, if at any point during out scheduled activities, you need some R&R or want some alone time, just let us know!


Is Mexico City expensive? How much can I expect to spend?

Mexico City is an extremely budget-friendly destination. Expect to spend 40%-60% less than you would in the United States. You can rent a luxury apartment in the city's most affluent neighborhoods for under $100/night. Simply put, Mexico City is not an expensive place.


Are there additional costs?

There are no hidden costs. However, you'll be expected to pay for your own personal consumption (i.e. food, drinks, lodging, etc).


What's the best time of year to visit? How is the weather?

Mexico City has a Mediterranean climate: warm days and slightly cool nights. Its summer months (June - Aug) comprise the rainy season, with usually an hour of rain in the evening. Aside from that, it's sunny skies year-round. The weather in CDMX is generally very pleasant.


Is Mexico City dangerous?

Not really. Not any more than any North American city. The majority of the crime that Mexico is known for occurs in its northern border towns and coastal cities. As far as CDMX, you'll be in the best neighborhoods (like Roma Norte, Condesa and Polanco). You'll have nothing to worry about.


Is it OK to drink the water?

We suggest sticking with bottled water (or mezcal).


Will you be available to assist me for the duration of my trip?

Absolutely. 100%. We are here to answer any questions and address any concerns that you have at any point during your stay.

Any additional questions? You can email Us here