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OVERVIEW: If you like fountains look no further, because Guadalajara has them in spades. It also has many beautiful parks, plazas, and churches for the tourist to sink his/her teeth into. It also offers great tequila tours a short drive away, cool nightspots, elegant museums and art galleries, and wonderful women.


POPULATION: 1,500,000


WEATHER: Humid Subtropical. 18-24 °C. Pleasant; a bit rainy in summer.


SAFETY: Guadalajara is a reasonably safe city. Usually crime against tourists is limited to purse snatching or pickpocketing. Still, don't make a habit of walking long distances at night, especially in and around Centro.


MUST DO: Tlaquepaque. A quaint neighborhood inside the city limits that resembles a small town. A tourist trap, but nice to take a stroll, have a beer, and get out of the city without having to leave it.



Social groups pose a problem. Girls will go out in large groups that can be intimidating/difficult to penetrate. If you don't know Spanish, learn some. Just the basics will help to get in with a group and eliminate any possible suspicion. Dudes are good looking here too, so the comp is high. If you are really tall and blonde with fair skin book a flight because you're likely to have an edge on the competition. If this describes you, bump this rating up from a to a 7.5.

***ONLINE DATING: If you want to meet girls in Mexico the easy way, I highly recommend signing up for Mexican Cupid. You can chat with local girls and set up dates before you arrive in the country, which is a major advantage.



Before I arrived, I heard many a tale about the legendary Tapatias (women from Guadalajara) from every corner of Mexico, so my expectations were high. When I arrived in Centro, I didn't see what all the fuss was about. But I went for a walk to the university and then to Chapultepec and I clued in. In all of Mexico, Monterrey is the only city that tops Guadalajara for girls in my mind. The type here is tall, with light eyes and dark hair. Their bodies are amazing, but their faces were what really impressed me. Many with seemingly flawless features.


RENT AN APARTMENT IN GUADALAJARA: Put aside about $500 for an apartment in Chapultepec. It's worth it.

***If you’re doing a short-term stay (one month or less) Airbnb is your best bet. Click this link to register and get $40 off the cost of your first stay.





Nightlife in Guadalajara is concentrated in the Chapultepec and Zapopan districts. It's not hard to find something you'll like. If you don't have long in the city, hit Chapultepec. There are many bars and clubs that are busy on the weekend. If you have some time in the city, branch out to Zapopan and Centro.

I recommend: Bananas is a good place to pop your Guadalajara cherry. Get comfortable here, and then move on to some of the bigger and badder nightclubs in Zapopan and Chapultepec where the girls with knock your socks off and get yer c*ocks off. Be sure to dress like an adult though, it's important to look dapper here. If you're willing to drop the backpacker style and speak some basic Spanish, Lola Lolita is a good place to pick up women.





If you want to meet women in Mexico, you will need to speak some Spanish. PickUp Spanish is the best resource of its kind, designed specifically for teaching you the Spanish you'll need to meet girls from Latin America.


GROCERIES: Milk (1L)= $1.10   Tortillas (1kg)= $1.00   Eggs= $1.90   Water (1.5L)= $1.00   Cigarettes= $3.50


JOB OPPORTUNITIES: I knew a few foreigners working in banking and IT in Guadalajara. I also saw a few ads looking for qualified English teachers.


TAXI: $4.00-5.00. Uber has recently hit Guad and will be your best and cheapest option.


NOTES: Stay longterm in Guadalajara if you can, you'll get more out of it. It's a very well-designed and liveable city. For me, at first it just felt like any other city, but after taking some time to build a social circle and explore more of the city, I didn't want to leave.




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