Yes, I allow guest posts.


A few reasons:

First of all, I am no expertI am simply a Latin American enthusiast who has done some travelling in the region. I write about what I see, and hit publish. People can take it or leave it. I don't consider myself any more insightful than others. In fact, I've met many travellers more perceptive than myself (some have even been kind enough to submit city guides for the blog). Therefore, I want to encourage people to share their experiences and observations. If this site is to become a helpful resource for single men travelling in Latin America, my voice alone is not going to suffice.


What's in it for you?

I will offer you exposure by linking to your website or blog (assuming the content is related). And, if you have a business or a service,. More readers=more customers (I usually get 800+ people a day visiting the blog).

If you don't have a blog or a personal website and still want to submit a post, that's cool as fuck. I'll still give you full credit with whatever information you provide me with (many people wish to stay anonymous...for obvious reasons) and I'll do my best to buy you a drink if you make it to whatever Latin American country I'm in at the time.


Rules for posting:

I'm more relaxed about this than many other bloggers, but I still care deeply about the quality of my content. Chances are if your post has anything to do with gallivanting in Latin America and/or sex with Latin American women and you don't write horrendously, you'll be green-lit.


In closing...

If you would like to do a guest post, simply email me through the contact page. Same goes if you have any questions. I do my best to answer all emails.