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OVERVIEW: Puerto Vallarta is an extremely popular destination for American and Canadian tourists. Particularly from the west coast, where flights to this beachside resort are cheap and quick. It's generally assumed that Puerto Vallarta is a typical gringolandia, where tourists outnumber locals. This isn't entirely true. Puerto Vallarta is an extremely popular vacation destination with people from Guadalajara, as well as the Bajio region of Mexico.




WEATHER: Hot and humid most of the year (30-35 °C).


SAFETY: It is a very safe city. Although drug violence in Jalisco has ticked upward, Puerto Vallarta has been spared from the violence. You should be safe here at virtually all hours.


MUST DO: Visit nearby Sayulita. A beautiful beach town that is great for beginner surfers.



Pretty darn good! It's a beach town. People come to have fun and forget who they are. What they might not do in their home city, they'll do here. Let loose and whatnot. Good thing about Puerto Vallarta is that you'll have your choice of American or European tourists, or local Mexican tourists. Whatever your flavour. 

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Mm. Locals not so much. Foreign tourists not so much either. The best looking girls here will be those that are vacationing from another part of Mexico. To hit on these girls, you'll want to know a few words of Spanish.


RENT AN APARTMENT IN PUERTO VALLARTA: $500. The peso is low right now. You should be able to snag something a few blocks from the beach for about $500.

***If you’re doing a short-term stay (one month or less) Airbnb is your best bet. Click this link to register and get $40 off the cost of your first stay.


HOSTEL DORM BED/NIGHT: You can find hostel rooms for as little as $10 a night.



Typical of a vacation spot. Big, cookie-cutter nightclubs. If there are some cool, hidden local bars and clubs, I haven't found them. You're best to go to something near the main strip and hit on the groups of Mexican girls who roll into town on vacation for a good time.

I recommend: Mandala





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GROCERIES: Milk (1L)= $1.10   Tortillas (1kg)= $1.00   Eggs= $1.90   Water (1.5L)= $1.00   Cigarettes= $3.50


JOB OPPORTUNITIES: I've seen gringos working here. As waiters, tour guides etc. I don't know how much money they make. Probably close to none. Best to vacation here rather than try to carve out a life for yourself.


TAXI: Should be around $5.00 or $6.00 for anywhere you'd care to go to in the city.


NOTES: Not bad. Not as Americanized as Cancun. You can still see the remains of an actual Mexican city that was likely once charming. 60 years ago or so. As far as vacation spots go, this isn't the best or worst. My vote for best goes to Mazatlan, where you can find fewer foreign tourists and more Mexicans ones. Particularly Mexican girls from Sinaloa. This is a good thing. Check out Puerto Vallarta if you find a cheap flight or bus and/or a great deal on a hotel. I wouldn't go out of my way to visit, but it's a decent enough time if you stay for a week or so.




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