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My motivation was simple: a comprehensive travel website for men interested in Central and South America didn't exist.

I know this because I spent weeks trying to find one. 

Expat forums didn't cut it - I was too young to relate.

So after many, many months of travel, taking notes and making observations, I created a resource.

Is it the best one out there?

I think so.





If you're just interested in knowing about a specific city, you can start with my city guides. There are about 80 of them. There is a good chance that whatever city you want to visit will have a corresponding guide.

The blog articles as they appear on the homepage don't follow any particular order - when I think of something to write about, I write about it. Only my 10 most recent posts appear on the homepage. If you'd like to scroll through my blog posts chronologically, from newest to oldest, navigate to the blog page

If you want an overview of what we talk about here, below are some categories to make things a bit easier to navigate.

Learning Spanish

El Conquistador's Best Countries For Learning Spanish

Learn Spanish. Get Girls. A Review Of Pickup Spanish

Best Songs For Improving Your Spanish (Coming soon)

Do You Need Spanish In Mexico?

How A Complete Idiot (Me) Learned Conversational Spanish And How You Can Too (Coming soon)

Learning Spanish Will Not Help You Get Laid In Latin America


Why The F**K Hasn't Maduro Been Overthrown Yet?

What Happened To Venezuela? An Explanation Of The Current Crisis

5 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Extreme Leftist Backpackers In Latin America (Coming soon)

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